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Greetings True Believers!

I was looking over the old Thor posts and I think that the battle and fall of Bill, Born of Bills wasn't properly documented.

Bill earned his place place among the Einherjar.


Suggested Tags: char: bill, char: balder the brave, char: kelda, title: thor, theme: otp, creator: j michael straczynski, creator: marko djurdjevic, creator: kieron gillen, creator: rich elson, publisher: marvel comics

Bill has the joined the Asgardians when they move to Latveria in Balder's ill-advised(Loki) deal with Dr. Doom.

Bill waits for Kelda, shivering, on a Latverian street when he hears a voice,

"You are far from your home."

It's Balder the Brave and Bright.

You speak for everyone Bill!

Bill finds Balder later in a feasting hall. I love how he calls him "Mr. Balder"!

Djurdjevic's art is wonderful.

Bill attracts the attention of some Loki's goons.

Yay Kelda, lend Bill your Asgardian Whupping Stick!

Bill feels he needs to help Mr. Balder.

Bill goes to investigate.

Bill travels to a castle and stumbles upon Loki's and Doom's evil deeds. Loki has been kidnapping Asgardians and allowing Doom to perform horrible experiments on them.

Loki discovers Bill's presence and sends his goon squad after him.

It is time for Bill to draw steel!

Oh, Bill. :(

Balder is beyond anger.

Bill is worthy.

A page informs Kelda of Bill's fate. She rushes to him.

Bill was an Oklahoma boy who loved a goddess and had his funeral pyre lit by Lord Balder, himself. Sing his song!

Balder speaks well of Bill, Born of Bills.

Kelda had attacked Dr. Doom while searching for Loki. He rips her heart out but after Balder and Thor defeat Doom, they are able to revive her.

Just before the Siege of Asgard, Kelda makes a heart-breaking journey.

Bill walks among the Einherjar but he and Kelda will be reunited. Their OTPness burns too brightly.

Plus, Balder and Bill? Awesome! Balder should totally take Bill under his wing.

Behold, Bill, Born of Bills! Broxton's bravest son and warrior of Asgard! Vassal of Balder and beloved by Kelda Stormrider! Hear the Skalds tell of his great deeds!

Here's a link to Bill/Kelda mega-post. See how it began!

Date: 2010-06-08 01:50 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] comicoz
As fond of Bill as I am, I wonder if we didn't get what was best for the character with the death. A heroic finale is hard to come back from and not end up cheating the character.


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