Sep. 25th, 2010

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Up at Newsarama.

And as clever readers of the title have guessed, December's Red Robin #17 may see the return of yet another Bat-character: former Batgirl Cassandra Cain.

Nrama: We've seen the upcoming solicitations for Red Robin, and the announcement that the comic will have a surprise guest star when Tim's in Hong Kong in Issue #17. Anything you can tell us about who he's meeting?

Nicieza: Someone he knows in Hong Kong.

Nrama: Very funny.

Nicieza: Seriously, it's not too big a secret or surprise if you've read the book — the character's name was listed on one of Tim's computer screens, but because of who this character is and what's gone right and wrong for this character the last few years, we want it to be a quiet reintroduction into the family of titles through a no-pressure opening scene. I think it's a really good scene the character appears in, and Marcus To absolutely knocked the scene — and the entire issue — out of the park. I mean, a moon shot who gave this kid steroids knocking it out of the park!

I have plans to bring this oh-so-mysterious character back to the book again a few months from now, but for now, let's just let it play itself out in print rather than on message boards (for a change of pace).

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Last time I posted there was stuff with Mia flirting with Connor, wanting to be Speedy, and then Connor getting shot. So what happens this time? Lets find out! Now with a new writer!

16 pages from 4 different issues )


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