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Since [personal profile] icon_uk made a post about the ultimate sidekick, Obelix, I figured I'd post a Perfect Moment from one of the other great Franco-Belgian sidekicks, Fantasio.

So here's the setup. For almost all of the Spirou series' over 70 year history, Fantasio has been the loyal sidekick of the title character, alternately getting Spirou into and out of trouble, all with a somewhat off-key not-quite-comic-relief bluster. Despite his roots as a simple foil for the adventurous Spirou, Fantasio is capable of some amazing feats of daring, and when his friend is in trouble there's little that can stop him. In short, the epitome of bromance. =D

In this volume, Paris Sous-Seine (my translation), a mad genius has created a device that has immersed the city of Paris, and with their army of robots has also captured their inventor friend Champignac from right in front of them. They, of course, jump into the fray to track down the kidnapper, but in an underwater melee tragedy strikes. The canopy of Spirou's single person mini-sub is shattered, sending his squirrel companion, Spip, into the depths, and into the midst of the robots' assault. Overcome with grief over his only friend older than Fantasio himself, Spirou attempts to leap in after him but Fantasio rescues him and takes him to safety, among many harsh words along the way.

Now is that not a defining moment, with hardly any dialogue on his part (uncharacteristic for the effusive Fantasio), of a true friend willing to step up regardless of the dangers?

And besides, how happy does this panel make the fangirl in me? Pretty damn happy, that's how much.


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