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We all know what happened when Mephisto made a bargain with Spider-Man...but what happens when he tries his luck with a certain furry blue elf?

This comes from the final issue of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's Nightcrawler series, #12. Art is by Darick Robertson. I posted some pages from this selection a year ago in the InsaneJournal comm, but nothing that's not here, so it still fits in the 1/3 legality.

So basically, Kurt is celebrated with a surprise birthday party from the rest of the X-Men. Suddenly, everyone freezes except for Kurt. At first Kurt thinks that Professor X is pulling a joke, but then he recognizes something far more sinister is afoot.


Mephisto basically outlines a number of encounters Nightcrawler has had with other demons (presumably earlier in the series) and how it's all leading up to the final war.

Wait, let's see that again...

Oh, snap! He just punched out Mephisto! No pussyfooting around for "one more day", no giving into the devil...just POW!

So Kurt is transplanted back to where he was earlier--with the birthday party--and wonders if the whole thing was fake. But he knows otherwise, and prays that his faith will remain strong once the trumpets sound and the war finally begins.

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You have to understand that in Catholic mythology, humans are unique. Angels are merely extensions of God's will. So the existence of Satan is coequal with say, the existence of cholera, in terms of Godly morality. It's just something that God knows is necessary for the proper functioning of the world.

Everything is part of God's plan, save the actions of beings with free will. And the only beings with free will are humans, (sometimes even just Christians).

Chalk it up to mysterious ways.


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