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This is my First Post so I thought I'd keep it simple and easy. I've read the rules and I hope this all goes right.

Here's the origin one of my (inexplicably) favourite C-list villains, The Shocker.

The Issue Starts with Spidey casually wall-crawling when it starts violently vibrating. He investigates the source and is greeted by the Be-quilted visage of The Shocker.

Spidey's arm is in a sling courtesy of the Lizard last issue.

Spidey fights back but in his injured state he is ultimately no match for Shocker. Later we get to see Shocker's back story through some traditional villonious soliloquy.

Spidey later, using his crack detective skills, overhears a conveniently present cop announce over a call box that the Shocker is robbing the federal reserve. (To Spider-Man's credit he does comment "If it had happened that easy in a movie, id say it was too phony") He's also been able to ditch the sling by this point.

Battle ensues and Shocker shows of his special brand of vibrator tricks...

There you have it. The battle is won by some thumb bondage and a well placed BTOK!

Date: 2009-05-02 01:29 pm (UTC)
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Google the name. It's quite common in the US.

"Two in the pink, one in the stink."


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