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In case anyone was still under the impression that Adam Beechen bothers to understand the basic properties of the characters he chooses to write, here is another example that may help to disabuse you of that notion.

For context, Zee has just been fitted with braces... because for some reason Zatara would rather spend a significant chunk of money and commit his daughter to years of pain than magic her teeth straight... and the pain and unfamiliarity of them is making her speech all drooly and unintelligible. She's waiting for her father to come pick her up when she encounters a thief.

She crashes into an electronics or toy store or something and discovers a Speak'n'Spell.

... okay. To Beechen's credit, at least he did get that it's sdrow sdrawkcab, secnetnes drawrof, which not everyone does. However, the magic is not in the words themselves and hasn't been since before the first Crisis. The mere backwards speaking of a phrase does not cause magic to happen, and Zee doesn't need to speak at all to cast a spell. The magic comes directly from her, and the words are like turning up the volume control on a stereo. What Beechen has done here is basically put a volume control knob on a blender and put it next to the stereo. That will not make the music louder, Beechen. Zee does not work that way and neither does DC logomancy.

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And this is why magic is damned if you do, damned if you don't. As much as I agree that magic shouldn't have to follow a set of rules and bounds.... for that reason, I couldn't give two shits about it.

Stories with magic protagonists fail to hold me because the author can pull literally anything out of his/her ass at any moment and it's all good. It's the oldest deus ex machina ever put to paper.


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