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I once mentioned in the comments about Deadpool having been raped, and I had a couple of puzzled reactions in answer by people who didn't remember it. So I thought I could do a post about it:

(3 pages from Deadpool issue #12, 5 pages from Deadpool issue #13)

That was back in Joe Kelly's glorious run, and Deadpool was going through a rough time with trying to help Typhoid Mary which didn't really turn out how he wanted and then turned out a little bit ugly, fighting T-Ray who had a big grudge against him, and LL&L expecting him to be the heroic Mithra who will protect a prophesied Messiah, which he thought was pretty absurd; so he did something he was prone to do back then: going to Siryn, with whom he had a weird romantic friendship and a very big crush, for comfort. Instead of finding Siryn, he found Warpath, and a fight ensued, with the result that when Siryn actually arrived on the scene she was not really in the mood of hearing Wade talk about his issues and they had a pretty bad argument (including Wade being overbearing and aggressive) and Siryn walked away.

So Deadpool got drunk.

Spoiler alert : this isn't really Siryn.

And that was pretty much the last time the whole event was mentioned. Soon after, Deadpool found out that his friend Weasel and his prisoner/vitriolic mother figure were actually spending time together at his flat unbeknownst to him and reacted by putting them into the torture room. I believe that was also the last we saw Typhoid Mary on Deadpool.

(also this is my first post, hi *waves*)

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I'll have to look up that issue at some point!

And yeah, I've only ever really seen the comedy sociopath side. Didn't know there was so much more to him!

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Your icon compels me to. XD


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