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So does he shout "Transmute!" or "Bird ON!" as the wings pop out. (And I wonder who will be the first to remember where those terms came from)

Y'know, I think I like that look without the strap'n'crap of the full costume... Just throw in a utility belt and the R symbol and I could learn to like it a lot, alas, we're not going down that road...

But who is this?

Dramatic, if nothing else. Interesting that she now seems to have a transformation effect, does she slam her gauntlets together like Rick Jones/Mar-vell (or indeed, the Masterforce Headmaster Jr.'s ) or might she have some sort of illusion ability in her arsenal now?

And apparently the "Four Robin's in five years" won't actually the case (Sorry, but Steph as Robin is still out of continuity), as Batman and Robin(s) will have been operating covertly in Gotham for some years before Superman becomes the first superhuman to "go public" five years ago.

Date: 2011-07-24 01:45 am (UTC)
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ahaha. I laughed so hard at "transmute"

he just needs the beaked helmet.


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