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Firstly, the bit that's actually about comics.

Geoff Johns has just had an interview regarding the semi-reboot backup stories that'll be appearing in the back of upcoming issues of JLA.

Here's a link.

On the one hand, he says that Billy, Mary and Freddie will all be in it... BUT Billy's superhero name won't be Captain Marvel anymore, because "Everyone assumes that his name's Shazam anyway".

...Errr, besides that being kind of lazy, doesn't that just make things confusing?

I mean, if it's a reboot, if Billy's Shazam, what's the Wizard's name? Rincewind? Will Mary still be Mary Marvel or Mary Shazam? And if the Wizard exists and his name is Shazam, what would Freddie's supername be? Shazam Jr. Jr.?

I guess it would kind of make sense to change the name of the wizard, what with it being an acronym and all.

Anyways, here's a leaked screencap (aren't they all?) of Older!Toph from Legend of Korra,


For legality, here's Mary in a situation that just comes off as being... a little off.


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I'm just here for the Korra screencap.


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