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Saw this cover for Doctor Who/Star Trek #2 in JK Woodward's portfolio at the London Super Comic Con and have been waiting for it to surface online so I could post it.

That industrial steel finish is SO 21st Century, whereas black NEVER goes out of style.

This is from JK Woodward's own blog so seems fair game to post! :)

This is still in transit to me, but posting this cover proved too perfect an opportunity to share the scan of it I got from JK! (His pens ran out of ink before he could finish it on the weekend of the Convention, but with this end result, I don't mind that in the slightest)

As the Team Supreme prove that there is NOTHING better for a sci-fi geek like Doug than a technorganic best buddy when it comes time for cosplaying!

Fab, isn't it? :)

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