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The issue begins with Dan and Digby organising the evacuation of colonists from a planet that the Mekon has seeded with genetically engineered monsters. Unfortunately, it doesn't go as smoothly as they'd like due to some space marines with a lack of priorities...

On the march to the meeting point with the returning evac craft (they have to meet elsewhere due to an advancing wave of the creatures combined with an electric storm interfering with transports), Dan gives the Treen orphan Jikk a bit of exposition as to why the bad guy is. Jikk hasn't had much luck, as his biological parents hired several years ago while his adoptive human parents were mauled to death by one of the monsters earlier,

Meanwhile back on Earth, the Home Secretary and friend of Dan, Joss, has had enough of the Prime Minister's evasive behaviour, and just hires her computer expert to just hack the PM's computer files. Shortly afterwards, the hacker reveals to her that not only has the PM been making decisions on seemingly non-existent data, but he's escaped the planet with his staff and told no one where he's going. Joss orders the arrest of his aide, as she knows that the PM has DONE something, she just doesn't know what...

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I'm really enjoying these. I don't usually bother with Dan Dare (bit military for my tastes) but this is a interesting series. Thanks for these!


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