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Casstoons Returns, but on a serious note about the... disturbing route that a particular iconic female character appears to be going in the Square Enix Reboot of the franchise.

Trigger warning for discussion of rape, implied child abuse and sexism.

This strip was inspired by the trailer for the new Tomb Raider games, which has a teenage Lara Croft being trapped on a desert island and learning the skills she'd later need to become a badass action heroine/grave robber.

The trailer, however, seemed less weighted towards Lara being badass, and more towards various unpleasant things happening to her while she looks all scared and sad. And one of those things involves Lara being stalked and... creepily pawed by some bearded guy.

The "cornered animal" quote comes this from interview about the game, which is serving as a reboot now that the franchise is being produced by Squire Enix.

And reading through the article, it makes it seem less like they're talking about Lara Croft, and more about making her the generic female lead in a particularly bad survival horror movie from the mid-2000s. *sigh*

The game COULD be good... though the addition of rape to it REALLLLLY isn't welcome, nor is the idea that you act as Lara's "Helper" in the game as if she's weak and stuff. As I said, I get that it's meant to show Lara going from being a posh girl out of her element and becoming battle hardened... but they could have chosen another way to do this.

Another link as to WHY the above interview is disturbing here.
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