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The killer who was'd tracked the vigilante who'd been to Santa Monica.

The latter sat there, watching the former pull the trigger. Then he moved.

The shot went askew, off his arm.

The Nobody knocked him aside.

" So there's still a little fight left in you, Mr. Hettinger. Good. "

" What- what did you call me? "

" I followed your little hero's journey across the country.

" Couldn't help yourself, could you, Greg?

" Well guess what.

" I'm about to undo all of that. "

" Do I know you? "

" No. Not really. But a lot of people are going to die unless you stop me. "

" Who the hell are you? "

" Wouldn't you like to know. "

The Nobody turned and walked away.

Greg, having heard police sirens approaching the scene of the commotion he'd been in, went the same way in another direction.

He went to a Skid Row shelter, where he thought about what he'd been and the path he'd walked away from that.

" Why did I bother to keep on going? " he asked himself.

The next morning, someone was trying to talk to him.

He listened to the report of a massacre in Arizona.

" But here's the terrifying part, Dan.

" When state police forced their way into the shop..

" The shooter had already vanished. As if into thin air.

" Leaving behind nine victims and zero clues, except for one. Though my sources tell me it's left the police completely baffled. "

" Oh god. I recognize that place. "

Realizing that someone he cared about was almost certainly in danger, he started thinking about where he'd have to go next to meet the Nobody.

He left to find a way.

That night, down in Bunker Hill, a man nearly ran over a woman crossing the street.

He drove on.

(Pagecount's 5 and 1/2 of 20 from #2 of Season 2 of The Black Hood.)
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