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Given how much Devin Grayson's run on NIGHTWING has been discussed on my previous post, I thought some pages from said run might be appreciated.

This can be considered the climax of the "Born Again 2: Electric Boogaloo" storyline in NIGHTWING. In more ways than one. (D'oh!)

Blockbuster has torched Haley's Circus, blown up Dick's apartment building (killing most of the tenants), almost blown up Bludhaven's police station, and killed a reporter who was standing right next to Nightwing. Then Blockbuster dramatically jumping into the hotel room.

Nightwing #93 - Page 9

Okay, "Roland," what's the real secret?

Nightwing #93 - Page 10

"But the people around you are a different matter. Blockbuster tries to shoot a random hotel guest in the hallway, but Nightwing stops him.

Hey, I know Dick was trained/raised by Bruce Wayne, but he wouldn't enjoy physical punishment. I hope.

Oh, part of the problem here is Blockbuster blames Nightwing for his mother's death. I don't quite know why he does, but he does.

Nightwing #93 - Page 12

Nightwing #93 - Page 13

No, I don't know what, if anything, Blockbuster did to break up Babs and Dick.

Hey, who is that talking?

Nightwing #93 - Page 14

Hey, it's Tarantula. She may be Devin Grayson's "Mary Sue," but I really hope not.

Nightwing #93 - Page 15

Nightwing #93 - Page 16

So, Tarantula shoots and kills Blockbuster. Nightwing (splattered with Blockbuster's blood) freaks out some more, runs up to the roof, and he and Tarantula have non-consensual rooftop sex while Blockbuster's body is still warm. Remind me how this means Tarantula is Grayson's "self-insertion" character?


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