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"Wherein our Native American hero heads West and meets Altani, the pteranodon-riding daughter of Genghis Khan and the vanguard of the Mongol invasion of the Americas in 1210 AD!" -- Greg Pak

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"Misconception: The real, true monsters in the story may not be the dinosaurs. Surprise: Crusaders, yo." -- Greg Pak

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It seems that at C2E2 today, Marvel announced they'd be having a new Storm solo series starting in July, written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Victor Ibáñez.

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"I'm also thrilled by the chance to write a comic book with a Native American lead character. That's a shockingly rare thing in the world. Yes, there have been a number of great Native American comic book characters over the years. But how many starred in their books?" -- Greg Pak

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Hello! I am actually making a post for the first time since April 2013! (Huzzah!)

The moment many of us have been waiting for has finally happened within the pages of Batman/Superman #8. It took nearly three years for it to happen, but I suppose better late than never.

Putting aside the fact that this story is a continuation of Paul Levitz' 2.5-year-old meandering narrative (which in my opinion is the major flaw with this crossover), I actually enjoyed this issue on its own merits. I mostly loved it for the beautiful art from Jae Lee and the character moments we got between Bruce and Helena Wayne.

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Previously in Planet Hulk

You hear all the time in comics solicits that the hero is going to lose everything this issue. The Incredible Hulk #105 is one of the rare times that this is true. Up until this point, the Hulk and Banner had both found happiness on Sakaar. The Hulk was a hero, and he was making the world a better place. For forty years of our time, the Hulk had been an outcast and a loner. Now he has friends, family, and acceptance in a world that really needs his guidance.

(7 pages from The Incredible Hulk #105)

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Previously in Planet Hulk

I love Planet Hulk, but I’m not going to lie: the conclusion is a giant kick to the crotch.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s well-executed. It’s just sad. The only reason I don’t put it on par with the last couple of issues of Y: The Last Man in terms of sadness is because World War Hulk offered a continuation that, while it didn’t make things better, did offer a bit of catharsis as the Hulk tore the Marvel Universe a new one.

But I digress. If you’re going to have a good tragedy, you first need to have a happy place to start from. So let’s see what happens when the Hulk finally gets everything he wants.

(7 pages from The Incredible Hulk #104)

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