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"The first Superman stories definitely saw him as more of a force for change against corrupt institutions, but the character himself wasn’t really actively used to interact with the real world until the 1940s radio show, and honestly, has rarely done so since.

"Maybe that’s because, traditionally, Superman has been too powerful to do so — considering everything he was able to do in the past, the idea of him dealing with real life injustices could easily have read as patronizing and insincere, not to mention potentially, accidentally legitimizing to the oppressors (Why didn’t Superman just dismantle Apartheid, for example? Wasn’t that unjust enough for him?) — whereas now, the newly-depowered Superman makes things more of a fair fight, perhaps.

"Or maybe it’s that Yang and Action writer Greg Pak, neither of whom get to enjoy the white privilege of previous Superman writers, feel that the character is super-equipped (Pun only slightly intended) to talk about things that are strange, unusual and problematic with 'the American way' because he stands apart from the societal norm in some way; finally, someone using the 'strange visitor' part of the mythos for the forces of good!

"Whatever the reason, both Superman and Action Comics currently feel exciting, entertaining and fresh in a way they haven’t done in a long time." - Graeme McMillan

"They want to sell comics. Unfortunately it's at the expense of some very great cops out there every day protecting the public. We are once again painted with the very broad stroke nobody wants to be painted with." - Patrick Colligan, president of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association in a statement to Fox News

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"Over the years, various smart people have written about Superman as a metaphor for the Jewish immigrant or Asian American experience. I’ll take it a step further — everyone on the planet at some point feels that he or she doesn’t belong on the planet. We’re all outsiders and others. Acknowledging that experience while remaining totally committed to helping other people anyway is what makes Superman great — and what elevates the best Superman stories beyond vicarious fantasy toward something approaching the richness, tragedy and quiet humanity of heroic myth." - Greg Pak

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