This has bugged me about early Kon

Date: 2010-02-19 12:57 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] mr_austin
Has there ever been a good IN-UNIVERSE explanation as to why Kon wasn't getting laid regularly?

Yes, I know the actual explanation is because he's 13-15ish, it's a book ostensibly for kids, and the 'horn dog who gets in his own way' is a classic comedy trope; but I never really bought that the kid never got any pussy.

Yes, he's 13-15ish, but he's a demigod with rockstar pretensions; tell me there isn't SOME deranged groupie/fangirl out there who would take a serious spin on his meat pole?

Sure, I suppose the best explanation is that Kon didn't want to sully the Superman name and/or couldn't close the deal without betraying his age/inexperience; but even WITH all those factors he's a good-looking kid with the stamina/strength of industrial equipment who has no qualms about flirting with hot girls/women and an out-of-control libido.

There must have been SOME girl who managed to get through in the 10+ years he was a horn dog before he finally lost his virginity to Cassie. Was that the case? my memory is fuzzy.
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