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Since her origins in the America trilogy (see my recent posts here and here) Judge Beeny has become a recurring character in the Dredd comics, and played a major role in the "Tour of Duty" epic. Roughly 16 pages of scans beneath the cut.

Warnings: References to a mass-shooting incident.

The Build-Up to Tour of Duty

The events of "Tour of Duty" kick off in the aftermath of the "Origins" storyline, where Dredd discovers that the current day Justice System is not what his clone-father Fargo intended, and also finds he has mutant relatives living out in the Cursed Earth. Forced to confront the issue of mutant rights, Dredd asks the council to lift the ban on mutants living in the city, but they're only willing to stretch to a review and improvement of the existing deportation process.

In progs 1546-48, Dredd is sent on an inspection tour of the mutant camps outside the city walls. He makes an unexpected choice when it comes to picking his team:

Beeny's told to report to Dredd

Dredd speaks to Beeny about their mission

They soon find, to Dredd's lack of surprise, that the conditions the mutants are kept in are pretty appalling:

Conditions in the camp exposed

Dredd seems to want Beeny along as a kind of substitute conscience, although the other Judges are more puzzled by her presence.

Beeny and Glasswell ponder why Dredd brought her

The conditions in the camps convince Dredd to make a stronger push for mutant rights, this time threatening to resign if the vote goes against him. He also sets things in motion for Beeny to be made a full Judge early. (She's still only 16 or 17 at this point, the usual graduation age being 20.)

In "Emphatically Evil: The Life and Crimes of PJ Maybe", progs 1569-75, we see Beeny take on her first big case with the aid of her new partner Roake. They're investigating what seem to be a copycat killing in the style of serial killer PJ Maybe.

Beeny spots the trap door

Beeny clashes with the forensics team

Roake gives Beeny advice

They learn that, bizarrely, the DNA of the city's mayor has been found at the scene of the crime, prompting Beeny to take it upstairs to Dredd.

Dredd speaks to Beeny and Roake

There's another murder, this time with the killer signing his work as 'PJ Mabey'. They wonder if even notorious bad speller PJ could misspell his own name, or whether it's a double bluff. Maybe's supposed to be dead, but Dredd has his suspicions after the times he's escaped before. However, it's still Beeny's case, and she decides to focus on the killer's motives for going after two employees of the same company.

Dredd leaves Beeny and Roake to it

The case seems to be solved when another employee goes on a killing rampage, but Beeny's not fully convinced.

Beeny demands a through investigation

Beeny's unconvinced by their suspect

Beeny starts to suspect a kid is responsible

Beeny successfully nails her man - actually just a kid - and nobody thinks anything more about his clumsy attempts to frame the mayor for the murders. Which is unfortunate, because said kid has correctly worked out that Mayor Ambrose is actually PJ Maybe's new identity.

Tour of Duty

Dredd's mutant reforms go through, but are vastly unpopular, and the Chief Judge loses her job over it. When her replacement is incapacitated, his hardliner deputy Sinfield gets in, and wastes no time overturning the new law. In "Tour of Duty", progs 1650-55, Sinfield sends Dredd away from the city to oversee the creation of new mutant townships. As his protégé, Beeny also gets caught in the political crossfire.

Dredd comes to terms with his new posting

The other Judges that Dredd is sent are pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel, and none of them are thrilled to be under the command of a teenager.

The new recruits arrive

Dredd learns how little clout he has left when he tries to demand more Judges:

Dredd speaks to Sinfield

The recruits discuss Dredd

In "The Talented Mayor Ambrose", progs 1674 to 1685, Dredd pulls some strings to get Beeny sent back to the city.

Dredd calls in a favour to get Beeny reassigned

Dredd ponders Beeny's performance

But Dredd soon ends up back in the city himself when Mayor Ambrose (a.k.a. PJ Maybe) attempts to assassinate Sinfield. (Mostly because he's enjoying being Mayor and is annoyed that Sinfield's unreasonable demands will ruin his approval rating.) He covers himself by claiming it was a tragic accident when his house robot took "I wish he was dead" too literally, but Beeny has a gut feeling.

Dredd and Beeny discuss Ambrose

Dredd gives Beeny the assignment

The Mayor is backed into a corner by Beeny's investigation:

Beeny interrogates the mayor

Following Beeny's hunch, Dredd manages to find DNA evidence proving that PJ Maybe swapped places with the real Byron Ambrose.

Beeny tells Dredd what they've learned from Maybe

Sinfield survives the assassination attempts, and Dredd is dismayed to learn that the only realistic chance of unseating him is if Dredd runs for Chief Judge himself. But PJ, facing execution, tries to bargain it down to a life sentence by revealing evidence incriminating Sinfield, which spares Dredd from taking the job. (Dredd is adamant they should execute him anyway, but the Council vote for the commutation.)

Beeny next appears in Megazine 300 in the one-off story Judgement Call, which [personal profile] skjam already posted some scans from here. After that comes the "Day of Chaos" mega-epic, which I'll cover in my next post.

Date: 2012-08-14 09:22 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] icon_uk
Some great storytelling here, I've never been a regular Dredd reader, but I might have to consider some TPB's

Date: 2012-08-22 04:18 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] q99
Yea, though kinda expensive to get in the US (international shipping and all)

Date: 2012-08-22 09:19 am (UTC)
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Still, beats the old days when 'order online from across an ocean' wasn't an option at all :) Even if 10 pounds for shipping isn't fun.


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