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Let's catch up with All Star Western #13.

"Dangit! I thought I wasn't in thet goldurned Joker crossover!"

We open in a Catholic church, where a fleeing priest slips on blood and sees the body of another priest.

Jingles kills the second priest.

Some time later, the police have called in the investigative team of Arkham, Black and Hex. While these deaths are horrific enough to be caused by Dr. Jekyll's formula, which apparently has been duplicated, Gotham City is bad enough that it might not be connected. The priests' faces being marked like clowns does bring up that there's a circus in town.

The Barbary Ghost gets to show off her fighting skills until one of the Dragons gets in a lucky kick. Before the tong members can take advantage, however, Hex and Black intervene. In the confusion, Yanmei vanishes. We will no doubt catch up with her later.

Mr. Haly admits that there's something odd going on with his circus--four of their prize performers have vanished in the last few days. Jingles, the animal tamer, the knife-thrower's assistant and the Human Pincushion. Jingles has never shown an inclination to violence before.

In short order, we see both Jingles and Gunther the animal trainer, both gone violently insane.

Meanwhile, over in Gotham Harbor, a ship has arrived with a mystery guest...who is connected to a certain black diamond.....

Backup feature is Tomahawk, who is very much reimagined for the New 52.

Your thoughts and comments?
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