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He'd met her first when he'd shot at her, and second when she had him at gunpoint.

They both escaped from the lair of the Vultures, the mercenaries they were in too deep with.

Forty-eight hours later, he and his friend were explaining themselves to her.

(It's never explicitly said that Singh Industries here is a modern form of the Singh Brotherhood that previous Phantoms faced.

This definitely wouldn't be the first continuity in which they've gone corporate.)

(In this, the 21st Phantom was the last Walker to bear the mantle. He died in the course of doing so, leaving no one else to take it up.

The man he'd died in the course of saving had to do so, becoming the 22nd while searching for the rightful one. He died in the course of Ming the Merciless' invasion of Earth, though, passing the identity and the search on to Lothar.)

Jen wasn't sure about that.

One week later, they- Lothar and Jen in the field, and Guran as mission control- went after the man behind the voice they'd discovered was giving the Vultures their orders.

He was an important Singh man, someone they wanted to ask questions.

Things went wrong with their gear and their target's security when they tried to.

They overcame those problems.

They didn't get to ask him their questions at his place..

.. but they did at theirs.

(Writing's Brian Clevinger, art's Ryan Cody and Scott Godlewski.)

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I remember reading The Phantom years ago. Thanks for posting this!


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