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Jun. 7th, 2017 11:56 pm
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"A super hero who gets his powers and abilities from drinking and doing drugs. BUT something has happened to him, something big and super secret…He was put into a position where he had to get so "Powered up" (WASTED) that he blacked out, he awoke to hundreds dead and a city destroyed and on fire. Now he’s trying to get clean, he’s hung up the tights and is in 12 step. But just because you want to walk away doesn’t mean the villains are going to let you. It very literally becomes "Drink and Live….Stay sober and die."

- Donny Cates

Date: 2017-06-08 04:52 am (UTC)
starwolf_oakley: (Default)
From: [personal profile] starwolf_oakley
Some of this could work. Some of this looks like all those "Hourman/Rex Tyler is addicted to Miraclo" stories I've heard about.

Date: 2017-06-08 07:48 am (UTC)
mastermahan: (Default)
From: [personal profile] mastermahan
Robot hand... sharp teeth and fur... please tell me this supervillain is a cute talking dog in a robot suit, because that would be amazing.

Date: 2017-06-08 11:46 am (UTC)
wizardru: Hellboy (Default)
From: [personal profile] wizardru much better than I assumed it would be.

Date: 2017-06-08 12:56 pm (UTC)
captainbellman: It Was A Boojum... (Default)
From: [personal profile] captainbellman
I quite like these villain designs, especially "Super-Casual Loki" and "Intern Grodd".

Though I'm getting flashbacks to the 1994 Godzilla, too - i.e., unless one of the other AA peeps was a drone with a camera-eye, how are they getting that exact shot?

Date: 2017-06-08 03:49 pm (UTC)
bradygirl_12: (bear (picnic table))
From: [personal profile] bradygirl_12
Intern Grodd's wearing a bow tie! :)


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