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Vengeance burned in the Roto's leader for what'd been done to him and his.

His children weren't with him.

They'd been in the strikes before.

Their ways'd parted over differences of opinion.

While the father went to revenge, the son and daughter went to something else.

Having fallen into the depths of their world, they'd come to the Essene, who lived under the tumult above.

A Paznina party, seeking the little metal god that'd acted with the Roto, tracked it and the two from the Roto to the Essene.

They struck, and were struck at in turn.

The two Paznina who survived what followed were taken to account for what they'd participated in.

(The Essene are all people who opted out of a world of warring clans.)

The making of the memories began.

Her brother followed her out.

(Everyone has opinions on revenge in this.)

(That's Mother Diedre in the bed; she was wounded during the Paznina attack.

The effect of the names on her skin is nicely done.

Oh yes, credits- writing and art's Daniel Warren Johnson.

Pagecount's 5 of 22 from last year's Extremity #9.

The series'll be wrapping up with #12 this March.)


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