Date: 2009-09-07 10:21 pm (UTC)
Ack, blonde!Polly. >.<

This is a good story, if skeevy, but for me it just highlights that much more how poorly thought out Donna's post-Crisis treatment was. Because... this is perfect. The Titans are enemies of the Olympians; they are therefore the natural enemies of the amazons as well. They were imprisoned by their children, and their first act, if they became capable of acting, would be to war with Zeus. If one of the Wonder women could make a peace between them, so much the better, but it would start ugly, and manipulative and careless of human life, because that's what Titans *are* in the mythology that the entire Wonder mythology is based on. So... you make Donna the offspring of the "Titans of Myth" and have her swear by Rhea all the time... you're not just sundering her from her proper amazon heritage, you're actually making her an enemy of her people.

Also, damn. Remember how pretty Donna was when she wore an outfit with a halfway attractive neckline?
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