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Maid Marian has been a difficult character to tackle among various TV adaptations of 'Robin Hood' due to her straddling the line between gentility and outlawishness; portrayals have ranged from the desperate damsel being ravished by Alan Rickman/Roger Rees to the stern Abbess played by Audrey Hepburn and wooed by Sean Connery, to the most recent BBC series in which she, um, was Batman. Which would have been cool if she was the main character...or the series was at all well-written.

In 1989, however, following his huge success as Baldrick in Blackadder, Comedian-Archaeologist Tony Robinson side-stepped the issue by asking the question: "What if Marian was the real hero all along"?, and promptly cast himself as the Blackadder-like Sheriff of Nottingham. In this version of the story, Marian formed the gang out of outlaws she met while trying to sell off her beloved pet Tadpole, and Robin was the cowardly Tailor to the King's Underpants forced by her into a life of crime. It ran for four series, and (what I've seen of it), was brilliant.

So what it is, is that our beloved Mod and noted Robin Hood enthusiast Greenmask Kindly Requested that I post some pages of the comic adaptation by Robinson and Paul Cemmick.

And so, 2 Weeks and 2 Days later - Taranta Da! - here they are! )


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