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I'm still being a fucking hipster and looking out "indie" books that are a bit new and a bit different.

The latest one is Dreamless, the story of two children who grow up together through the power of dreams. When she's asleep, she sees what he sees. When he's asleep, he sees her and hears her life.

Did I mention that they grow up together in the 1930s and early 1940s?

And she's American and he's Japanese? (She's called Elanor and he's called Takashi)

They were both born on the same day, and no more explanation is given for their unusual bond (well, there sort of is, but more on that later*)

The book is about longing, and about how a couple can unite across oceans and even when separated by war and lies. It's not a perfect book, but it's a good story that gets pretty tense towards the end and there's some good ideas in it.

Continuing contact )

Also, for fans of Scary-Go-Round, John Allison is starting a new Shelley Winters story

I am excited.


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