Jul. 1st, 2010

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Tags:creator:geoff johns,creator:francis manapul,char: flash/barry,char:captain boomerang/digger harkness

Well it look like somebody got a upgrade. )
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I have to post this to balance the utter devastating eye-melting sadness of the Dex-Starr post earlier, from the same issue.

writer: geoff johns

Artist: Doug Mahnke

title: green lantern
publisher: dc
genre: superhero
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Post your favorite fanart!
Post fanart, recs and links to your favorite artists, or just whatever you really like! The only requirement is you have to be able to credit the artist, and provide a link if available. If you can't source it, please don't post it. Everything else is free game, fans!
And make sure to keep NSFW art behind a link with a warning.
And of course, your own fanart is welcome, too!

But Fan-thing Thursday isn't just about fanart, post links to your fanfic or fanvids, or rec your favorites! It's all about fan-thing fun.

Want a place to showcase fanart you drew yourself? Stay tuned next week to our sister comm!
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It's a new month, a new celebration and a new Black Cat story!

For those who haven't read last years Fourth of July story from The Black Cat, read it here

There's a reason for doing your homework

Click to see why... )
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There is a new actor portraying the wall-crawler. And the preview of Amazing Spider-Man #626 behind the cut. Courtesy of IGN.

Does whatever a spider can.  )
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Found this over on Chris' DeviantArt page, a preview of the cover from Thor: The Mighty Avenger #5

Hum this under your breath as you read these

"Under the sea!
Under the sea!
Darling it's better,
Down where it's wetter.
Take it from me!
That's why it's hotter
Under the water!
Yah, we in luck here,
Down in the muck here!
Under the sea!"

The God of Thunder, the King of Atlantis and the Catch of the Day )

Because sometimes Aquaman likes to feel pretty )

I'm not sure if this counts as hilarious, offensive... or both! )

creator: chris samnee, char: thor, char: namor, medium: cover, char: sub-mariner/namor mckenzie
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The lettered preview is up!! Here at CBR

!!!!!!!!!! )

Tags: group: young avengers, creator: allan heinberg, creator: jim cheung, publisher: marvel comics


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