Jul. 11th, 2011

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A few people say the were interested in the podcast so I thought I would start posting about it again. As a reminder "3 Chicks Review Comics" is a podcast featuring two members of the S_D community. The show posts every other Monday.
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The two beatniks force themselves into...the park.

From Kookie #1 (1962) written by John Stanley, drawn by Bill Williams. 

Bongo And Bop” in “A Breather” )

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So this post is the final part of my Kingpin series, marking not only the conclusion to the long-running Kingpin story arc on Ultimate Spider-Man, but also Bagley's tenure as the series' artist. He would show up from time to time in guest-spots (and of course 'The Death of Spider-Man') but this was his 'swan song' to the title.

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I was surprised nobody posted this a few months ago, but it may have been overshadowed by the pie-eating contest short story.

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Since the news that Barbara is going to become Batgirl again I've been curious about her first turn in the cape. So, when I saw this one-shot on sale for 50p I decided to pick it up.

I already knew that she'd retired a while before Joker shot her, but I wasn't clear on exactly what her reasons were. This book details some of those reasons, and tells the story of her last case as Batgirl.

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