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This scan will never get old, and while this is not the first time I've posted it I figure this is perfect for a favorite villain post.

My favorite villain is Galactus, Devourer of Worlds.

Why? Because first Galactus was in a lot of ways Trope Codifier for all other Cosmic beings that came after him (and was shamelessly ripped off as Unicron and Imperiex). Unlike most villains there's no real way to fight him, he's a Lovecraftian cosmic horror that predates our Universe and unlike Cthulhu and company is alive and well in the present day. This unfortunately makes him a prime target of the Worf effect, but such is the fate of all cool and powerful characters, unfortunately. Especially in the realm of comic-bookdom.

Galactus is scarier than other villains for the same reason the Great Old Ones are scarier than demons: the most terrifying villain imaginable is one to whom humans are nothing but ants that he doesn't notice or bear real malice to. Galactus predated most of these and helped offer a new and frankly awesome kind of villain that Marvel *still* does better than DC, with the exception of the Anti-Monitor, Mageddon, and Final Crisis Darkseid.

And also because he owned Thanos. XP.

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Unfortunately, they've overused him and thus humanized him.


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