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Paul Levitz gave another interview for Worlds Finest on CBR today, and let me just say I think they may have given me something to actually be upset about. It's enough to say, icon says all. And yes, that is saying a bloody lot.

From the CBR interview:

Though Huntress and Power Girl are now from Earth-2, initially (at least) they are stuck on the New 52 Earth. What do you gain by having these two operating as fish out of water in New 52 Earth that you wouldn't have if the series covered stories about the pair set on Earth-2?

Ah, you'll need to read the stories for that. They had totally different identities on Earth-2 -- remember, this is a new DC Universe, so it's a new Earth-2. There wasn't a Huntress or Power Girl on this Earth-2, so it would have been a very different series! (aeka: WTF???!?! D:)

Touching on the characters, how is this Helena Wayne different from the one you've written before?

[This Helena] had a very different life than the previous Helena on Earth-2 -- some of which will be revealed in the first story, more of which will be revealed over time. She's been hardened more, and as you can see in the miniseries, has more willingness to go to the limits for her goals.*

Along those same lines, how different is this new Power Girl from the pre-relaunch version? Will this Karen Star be the same one who appeared in "Mister Terrific?"

I'm newer to writing the new Power Girl, so she's still evolving, but it's definitely the Karen Starr from "Mister Terrific," and I think she's got a much clearer sense of mission than any version of Power Girl we've seen before. The events that brought her here provide compelling reasons for her future destiny.

NGL, if Huntress and Power Girl are not their initial identities and were 'Batgirl' and 'Supergirl' on Earth-2, that'll be a HUGE step backwards for both of these character since they'll be taking away huge part of who these two characters are. Independence was a huge thing for both and giving them 'Bat' and 'Super' names would not do much to establish them as independent heroines and would further put them in the shadow of their MALE predecessors.

With Kara-L, I can only see her using the Supergirl identity if she was raised by her cousin from the time arrived as an infant to the time she joined the JSA, or if she already came with the 'Super' costume like the Earth-Prime Kara-El did.

With Helena, if she's at least Catwoman II on Earth-2, I can deal. But the only way I can seriously see the whole 'Batgirl' thing working is if her dad made her take on the mantle to fight alongside him as a way to control her more violent urges* (presumably in response to Selina's death, assuming that much is still true) like Earth-Prime Bruce does with Damian. In fact, if Wayne is still Bertinelli at heart when it comes to her use of violence (as has been shown in the mini), I wouldn't put it past Bruce to let her fight alongside the JSA to tone her down like he did with Helena Bertinelli in the post-Crisis continuity when he sponsored her JLA membership. This could even explain why she's in no hurry to return to Earth-2.

Other than that, the only time Helena Wayne as Batwoman was less problematic as a concept was when she was the first to take on the Bat mantle and name on 'Reverse-Gender-Earth,' and didn't get it from a guy in a Batsuit as was done with ALL previous Batgirls:

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-Le Sigh- Here's to hoping both Kara and Helena actually decide to keep the Huntress and Power Girl identities even when and if they return to Earth-2.

Date: 2012-02-01 02:08 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] jlbarnett
On the original Earth-2 Helena Wayne was full grown before she became Huntress, because of her parents deaths. Maybe her parents died while she was younger here.

On the fish out of water subject, am I the only person totally sick of that concept?

Date: 2012-02-01 10:15 am (UTC)
icon_uk: (Default)
From: [personal profile] icon_uk
IIRC The death of the original Earth-2 Batman was not a great nor a dramatically worthy one.

And don't forget she'd have her grown up big brother to be her guardian until she came of age.


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