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Two pages and a brief plot summary behind the cut.

Edit: Anyone not able to see the images? They just randomly stopped showing up for me.

So, the issue starts us with Sam and Rogue flying about, and we get a nifty callback to a later day issue of Generation X when Sam points out that nobody likes it when someone borrows their powers and uses them better.

Then Mimic and Weapon Omega show up. Seems Omega's powers are on the fritz, and he's become addicted to absorbing mutant energy. Cue fight scene and Weapon Omega running around the grounds.



Okay, my only real complaint about this issue is how Anole was drawn. Is that... hair? Does no one use model sheets anymore?

(if someone wants to give me the names of the kids I didn't tag, feel free! I honestly can't remember them at the moment)
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