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Even though all of us intellectually know that the cast of Sandman (much like all Vertigo characters) work best when they're outside of the mainstream DCU, my inner ten-year-old has always wondered what a story about the Endless straight-up meeting Batman's rogues gallery would be like. Gaiman himself will almost certainly never write that story, but in the meantime...

... there's always fanart. )
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I am apparently bad at keeping track of days. It turns out today *is* the 22nd. I don't know why I kept thinking it was on a Sunday. But yes! today is villains day! :P

While I very much don't like the New 52 version, Harley Quinn was the villainess that got me to buy my first DC Comic!

And well...who could forget that time she worked at the Daily Planet as an advice columnist? )
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When Harley Quinn (Who had been sort of working with Green Arrow before his death), discovered in Injustice Year 2 #13, that Black Canary was pregnant with Ollie's child, they sort of bonded...

And so a few months later...

I wonder if she'll be asked to be godmother )
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It used to be so easy, variant covers were shiny foil versions of the normal cover, or had die-cut sections, or sometimes even holograms, and you could just ignore them...

But then come cunning bastard in Marketing came up with the idea of variant covers that readers might actually think were cool, or even worth the having. Case in point

Warning, a LOT of images under the cut, and unrepentently Silver Age-ish (and with thanks for Newsarama for sourcing them all in one place)

A series of Darwyn Cooke variant covers! )
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and the there's Poison Ivy's level of Seasonal Affective Disorder

The art in this is so beautiful it makes me regret my scanner is such a poor qualty one... or it might make me wish I went in for digital comics more, but in any event, I recommend seeking out these issue for yourself, if only for the first four pages, which are amongst the loveliest I've seen in ages.

To everything there is a season... )
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A little comic I had in my head for some time since Harley's appearance in Batman Beyond  comic and had a friend on DA do it... we had a bit of a miscommunication, but I think it has a decent turn out.

Nana Harley and a hammer behind the cut. )
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Okay. The new Harley Quin comic started... the one with the questionable contest... well, I saw it in my comic shop, and they had the contest page... and not only the content of the dialogue and narration made the set up out of content (much like a Ace Attorney thing), but DC also seems to have caved in like XBox One at E3 as the final panel of Harle in the bathtub was replace with something else... I still didn't buy it because the issue of her in Detective Comics that came out in September... which she bombs Gotham as well as kids on 9/11... which was also her birthday... all because she was bored and wanted to something for the Joker, and she didn't with little remorse

Does DC just expect people to forget that? I know they have done this before AND after their reboot (with each new clean slate they have, they go and mess up big time in no time flat). Did she got some kind of punishment? Or did joining the Suicide Squad redeemed her? Would Amanada Waller would even give a child killer a 2nd chance, no matter how talented they are in a given mission? Because if she didn't at least regret or redeemed herself... than this preview from CBR on her issue 1 would tick me more.
2 page preivew below cut )

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From Gotham Sirens, a series that I didn't really give that much of a chance back in the day, but actually turns out to be pretty fun, now that I'm making my way through it via the Comixology website.
Read more )
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This MAY not be "Best of villains" material, and it been over a month since Harl's... less than enjoyable birthday story....but I thought it was worth showing what has everyone's crazy clown lady's life in the future without her precious puddin'...

2 pages and video of spoilers undercut. )


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