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Lex Luthor arrives in Gotham City during No Man's Land. Batman has no time for Lex's malarkey, which involves a "property grab." This is one of Mercy Graves earliest appearances "in continuity" in the DCU. (She first appeared in the Superman animated series, voiced by Lisa Edelstein)

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Yesterday, I showed you how Superman celebrated the yule time with his folks, but today's 12-Day X-Mas Challenge, we're going to see how Lex Luthor celebrates the Holidays? Well, here are a couple of scans from 52, when Lex had alot to celebrate. Superman was gone, he regain his public image, and he had a team of super-powered teens under his control. So lets see how jolly Mr. Luthor is during this year...
It's going to be a RED Christmas )
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Superman Adventures #41 was unsual inasmuch as it featured 22 one-page stories rather than one 22 page story.

This is one of my favourites.

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I was drawn in by talk of a JxHQ week, so thought I’d contribute by putting together a little post of all the best Joker & Harley bits from the comic adaptation of The Batman & Superman Adventures: World’s Finest. I see this as much like picking the particularly cute and funny chocolate chunks from a cookie.



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