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The Yonkers Devil is probably the non-intelligent foe who's given Robo the most trouble in the past.

So much trouble, that he's decided to hire a certain group of mercenaries to help him out in it's capture.

A certain group of mercenaries who wear RED.

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Plus it's Nikola Tesla's 156th birthday today, and wanted to mark it somehow.

Though I thought he had a moustache.
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The "Harvest" arc of Teen Titans/Superboy/Legion Lost is . . . Bad. I mean, really bad. It could have been interesting, but it's just been bad. I mean, it even has a Gorgonopsid and a properly feathered Raptor show up in its pages and it's STILL bad. I love that sort of thing! And I realized the main reason why I find it so bad.

I can't take the villain as a credible threat because he comes off to much like Atomic Robo's Doctor Dinosaur.

In this issue, we have it all laid bear.

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I present to you more of the Awesome Adventures of Carl Sagan guest-starring Atomic Robo!

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Today, I bring you a thrilling tale of a manbot and the woman who stole his telluric heart. Scans courtesy of Atomic Robo and the Deadly Fists of Science. (8 pages from the 29 page third issue, 3 from fourth, 1 from fifth)

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Coming up for air to share more of that wonderful new discovery (for me), ATOMIC ROBO!

"But glprime," I hear you say (I can hear your thoughts, deal with it) "What about all that cool stuff you said you'd post?" Well, I've been rushing to get pages complete on a screenplay, and have thus let my posting slide. I do think, however, I can get some good parts up before my Thanksgiving trip from The Hacker Files, which has some AMAZING stuff of early intranet-computing in comics. We're talking first post-Suicide Squad-era Oracle appearance here.

So we'll get back to feature-length posts eventually. For now, some fun.

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5 pages from Atomic Robo #4 and 6 pages from FCBD 2008 Atomic Robo.
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I have to say, the news of the DC reboot really depresses me. I was so excited for some issues coming out in the next  couple of months, like that Batman & Robin issue in France. Now, it just seems like it doesn't even matter anymore.

Whenever I think about what is wrong in comics, I'm drawn to books that recognize these flaws and try to make them right. I think we of scans_daily, while sometimes disagreeing, have a general "taste" in comic books. Most of us like books like Batgirl or Thor: The Mighty Avenger, for example.

Atomic Robo is one of those books. The creators KNOW what is wrong in comics, and are sworn to fix them/not do them. So, I will post some Atomic Robo now, because that book NEEDS love, and we need to show that comics industry that no, we do not put up with your bullshit, and instead our money will go to good books until you get your act together.

About Atomic Robo )

5 out of 15 pages from Atomic Robo FCBD 2011 )


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