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All members of the Scans_Daily please read the following, as it involves an additional rule for posting.

We have been approached by the legal representative for Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, the creators of Atomic Robo, as regards our usage of the character on Scans_Daily.

At Scans_Daily we have always strictly adhered to the policy that we would remove any copyrighted content if the owner (or their representative) requested us to, and this is such a situation.

As a result of the amicable discussion which was had, the Mods have conferred and feel a new rule should be established for Scans_Daily posts, relating to ALL serialised webcomics which are made available by the creators on freely accessible websites (This includes creator owned websites and DeviantArt etc).

In short; No more than 4 pages IN TOTAL are permitted from any serialised webcomic story, regardless of the length of the story, and in addition to the usual 1/3 rule.

Please note we say story, rather than series. When a clearly-defined new story starts, the 4-page rule re-applies.

With 1-page or 2-page stories, and REALLY long form narrative with no clear story breaks, then it's best to contact the copyright holder (usually possible through the website) to ask if you can post more.

A link to the originating website remains a requirement in such posts.

Traditional format newspaper comic strips (like say, Dilbert or Foxtrot etc) available on the Web are exempt from this rule, since they normally contain done-in-one, or very small scale story arcs. We are talking specifically about long form stories here.

We hope that four pages would be enough to allow community members to decide if they want to see more and, as the web publishers are dependent upon their own on-site advertising etc, we recognise that there is nothing to be gained by us posting more here, when the whole thing is so readily available.

Special Note
Whilst this new rule applies effective immediately, there is one special case: Any pre-existing posts containing Atomic Robo material must trim it to no more than 4 pages of any 22 page story.

These stories can be found here;




but if you have posted Atomic Robo, possibly without tagging it, please ensure your posts conforms to the new rule too.

If you wish to delete the post rather than edit it, that is also permitted on this occasion, in abeyance of our usual preferences.

If posts have not been so trimmed/deleted by midnight GMT on 20th February, then the Mod Team will delete them without further notification.

There is no blame to be attached to any poster about this, this was not a personally directed contact by the creators, so no one should feel responsible or singled out about it.

There is no animosity to be expressed toward Messrs Clevinger and Wegener (or their representatives) about this decision. They have acted courteously in this matter, we hope we have responded in kind, and we would ask the same of you all.

Many thanks

Icon_UK for the Mod Team
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The Yonkers Devil is probably the non-intelligent foe who's given Robo the most trouble in the past.

So much trouble, that he's decided to hire a certain group of mercenaries to help him out in it's capture.

A certain group of mercenaries who wear RED.

The Professionals get things done behind cut )
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Plus it's Nikola Tesla's 156th birthday today, and wanted to mark it somehow.

Though I thought he had a moustache.
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The "Harvest" arc of Teen Titans/Superboy/Legion Lost is . . . Bad. I mean, really bad. It could have been interesting, but it's just been bad. I mean, it even has a Gorgonopsid and a properly feathered Raptor show up in its pages and it's STILL bad. I love that sort of thing! And I realized the main reason why I find it so bad.

I can't take the villain as a credible threat because he comes off to much like Atomic Robo's Doctor Dinosaur.

In this issue, we have it all laid bear.

Teen Titans and Atomic Robo behind the cut )
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I present to you more of the Awesome Adventures of Carl Sagan guest-starring Atomic Robo!

2~ pages of Atomic Robo kicking butt within! )
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I have to say, the news of the DC reboot really depresses me. I was so excited for some issues coming out in the next  couple of months, like that Batman & Robin issue in France. Now, it just seems like it doesn't even matter anymore.

Whenever I think about what is wrong in comics, I'm drawn to books that recognize these flaws and try to make them right. I think we of scans_daily, while sometimes disagreeing, have a general "taste" in comic books. Most of us like books like Batgirl or Thor: The Mighty Avenger, for example.

Atomic Robo is one of those books. The creators KNOW what is wrong in comics, and are sworn to fix them/not do them. So, I will post some Atomic Robo now, because that book NEEDS love, and we need to show that comics industry that no, we do not put up with your bullshit, and instead our money will go to good books until you get your act together.

About Atomic Robo )

5 out of 15 pages from Atomic Robo FCBD 2011 )


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