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I finally saw X-MEN:: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. I thought it was amazing all around, although it was a little vague about Past-Magneto's plans. Dropping a baseball stadium around the White House is somehow *good* for mutants? And there was the standard character amalgamation: Blink can create Illyana's teleportation discs and Sunspot is the Human Torch and Magma.
But was I the only one who though the Future Sentinels resembled the Alan Moore/Alan Davis creation...

Named after an Alice in Wonderland character )
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"He's one of these super heroes who has actually had a character journey over his many decades of existence, and it's one that makes sense. Without his memories, he acted like a bit of a teenager. Now he knows who he is, and he's grown into this mature, responsible, tough guy." -- Paul Cornell

"Season 1" of Paul Cornell and Alan Davis's Wolverine run concludes...

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"I love Chris Claremont's work in general, and he did so many great things with Wolverine, including the Miller mini-series, him in the sewers of the Hellfire Club, his tenderness with Jean. An undercurrent then was how fast Chris was having a character that initially came over as an angry teenager grow up. And these days, in such great runs as Wolverine and the X-Men, he's come full circle, the most responsible adult in the face of Cyclops' angry rebel." -- Paul Cornell

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Yesterday, to close 2013, I made a post featuring two guys (Well, a guy and an alien of indeterminate gender, but who made no objection when referred to as male by "his" friends) the extent of whose relationship is an interesting area.

So to start 2014, here's something for those who might enjoy two ladies enjoying each other's company.

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"I like to think of The Avengers as what [Wolverine] does when he's not in his own series. This is the central point for him. His own title is where big stuff should happen to him. That that hasn't always happened is just an accident of history, because he got his own title late. "The Death of Captain America" didn't happen in The Avengers." -- Paul Cornell

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"I think he's one of those rare comics characters who's been built on and built on, and the majority of what's been done with him has been welcomed and the layers have stayed put, meaning he's got this unusual depth and history." -- Paul Cornell

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"It's a really strange feeling to be on a comic that's doing fine, in no danger of cancellation." -- Paul Cornell, formerly of SAUCER COUNTRY, CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI13, and KNIGHT AND SQUIRE

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Storm and Wolverine visit the "excruciatingly liberal nation of Wakanda"...

"The plan is lots of short, action, and character emotion-packed arcs, that when you put them back-to-back, build to something bigger. It's me doing my mainstream high-power super hero comic. I've never really done it." -- Paul Cornell

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'I'm an enormous fan of Chris Claremont. I think his contribution to comics is just gigantic, that these days he's enormously undervalued, to a degree that just staggers me. I'll be drawing on the love of this character I felt from my childhood, and that means drawing on my own inner Claremont.'

- Paul Cornell
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"I think [Wolverine's] the ultimate adult, someone who's gained an impossible amount of experience, and has finally allowed himself to mature because of it. He's the superhero I'd most trust with my child." -- Paul Cornell

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It's been a long and rather trying week for this little Robin fan as so much has changed... but rather than wallow in what has been lost (I'll still do that, but on my own time) it's time for this old codger to "Accentuate the Positive" again, and reach for the comic equivalent of comfort food... and for me, that's a little classic Alan Davis.... I was going to go for his Detective Comics run, but I think I'll use bits of that for my next Robin posting, so instead, it's off to another reliable source of entertainment; The New Mutants, with added Alan Davis.... (These 16 or so (of 48) pages are scanned form my original, 26 year old copy of this, so there are liable to be some less than CG perfect colouring issues etc)

As my favourite mutant asks...

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The Asgardian Civil War erupts, as Vanir and Aesir take to spear and shield against one another. Fire Lord Ozai, I mean Fire Lord of Muspelheim Surtur has played his part, taking advantage of everything Loki has done since he has been turned into a boy to set this up conflict, while most of the nine worlds burn with a fire that does not stop.

Yet hope lives. And treachery runs deep.


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Been reading through old X-Men related comics for a while now, and I've just reached this point in Excalibur that provides an interesting counter point to, shall we say, current event:

7 pages from Excalibur #52 )
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This started as a planned "One Perfect Moment"... well, two actually, but as I went through it I thought "Sod it, this is too cool not to spend more time on".

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