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From the pages of DV8, an edgy spin-off of Gen 13 (hey, it's almost Halloween, things should be getting scary), some early work by Warren Ellis. Here, our anti-heroes try to buy some drinks.

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In the midst of the Blackest Night bruhaha and Pet Avengers, it seems everyone's ignoring that occasionally brilliant DC subsidary. Wildstorm still makes some good choices sometimes, it would seem.

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I have nothing to contribute to either Porn Week or Doom Week. My Ode to Emplate Post continues to be building slowly, as it my Jonothon Starsmore is a Dick to Women post.

So instead of any of that, I bring you three pages from DV8 #1 (Warren Ellis and Humberto Ramos).

And now, once again shall I do epic battle with the tags.


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