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As the members of the fandom are gearing up for an Age of Extinction, plenty of the us are also getting ready for Phase Three of the IDW universe! Details are still being dispersed through the usual issue solicitations, but now we're actually getting some preview pages as well, courtesy of Newsarama.

Preface by Sol Fury of the TFW2005 board:
Newsarama has posted our first look at the IDW Transformers universe post-Dark Cybertron with a short preview of Robots in Disguise issue #28, the first of the issues to be released under the "Dawn of the Autobots" banner. The action is returning to Earth, and it brings us back to visit a character we've not seen a lot of since the Transformers left Earth nearly two years ago.

Be warned, there are some spoilers in this preview, although the ending of Dark Cybertron is one thing that you won't spoil for yourself.

SUSAN JOURNEYER heroically strides across the crowded planet in her NURSE'S UNIFORM. There are many other EARTH HUMANS around her. )
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Yeah... right (Okay, that's a cheap shot, I know they modified it to a gender neutral form in 1987 when ST:TNG came along, but given IDW's upcoming story it seemed apt)

Warp Fact 63.. )

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Hi folks!

Time for a good old-fashioned crossover! And by old-fashioned, I mean a story set in 1941.

Gotta love that title. Since DC isn't doing anything with the Spirit right now, it's nice they lent him to IDW for this, and the Rocketeer is a fun character too.

The Case of the Cross-Country Corpse! )

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Your thoughts and comments?
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Happy Fourth of July!

Turns out the other Captain America stories I had in mind have already been posted, so instead, let's have some ponies!

It's a new comic, so just four pages.

Good joke. Everyone laughs. Curtain falls. )

Your thoughts and comments?
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CBR have a preview exclusive cover from a title that will surely shatter the sky itself. (I'll leave the character tags out for now, for full impact)

Or something... )
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Here's a bit from IDW's Free Comic Book Day Judge Dredd issue.

The first chapter of Judge Death's first appearance, which is conveniently 1/3rd of the story. (Yes, I could post the whole thing, but I want you to buy the collection.)

Lo, there shall come a Dark Judge )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Part 5: Antarctica 2002

Five Pages since this came out this past week.

Read more... )
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Following [personal profile] sir_razorback 's post here about Megatron being more than a brutish tyrant, it reminded me of this scene from More Then Meets the Eye #7

I can see why people might follow him... )
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 Ok.  Four pages from each.  Way too much good stuff to choose from, but let's start with Megatron's spotlight issue. This is taking place before current events.

All Hail Megatron )


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