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I'm going through an extremely busy period and I haven't been able to post anything lately, nor do I think I'll be able to post anything for quite some time. Plus, my Megatron & Starscream series almost got up to date with the current IDW series (http://tinyurl.com/mjplzwd), and there is very little material left for me to show.

But there is one page in particular I always wanted to share. And today, when I saw that the Humble Bundle is back with almost 100 TF comics for around 12 dollars, I decided to finally do it :)

He used to be such a sweet boy... Ok, no, not really, but he was slightly less murderous! )

And here is the link to the current Humble Bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/books

The Death of Optimus Prime, generally considerd an excellent jumping-in point, is included in More Than Meets The Eye Vol. 1. It's pay-what-you-want, so you could get 37 issues for a dollar.
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The serpent encircling the world shall ever have a guiding will.

The foes of G.I. Joe known as Cobra will always have a Commander.

They've had many in IDW's continuity, the one that's not Larry Hama picking up right where he left off. Issues #12 and #13 of its namesake ongoing (not the current one, but the one preceding it), written by Paul Allor and drawn by several artists, told stories about some of them through Cobra's newly hired PR person.

Her motive for taking on the job was quid pro quo. )
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Back in part 7, the writers decided to up the ante and threaten the destruction of the entire Universe instead of the usual planets, and Transformers learned what it feels like to be attacked by something 100 times your size.

I like big bots and I cannot lie )
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Now amongst my other varied and sundry interests (and more of them in a forthcoming post), I have a soft spot for the old Jem cartoon (Which I now realise is almost 30 years old)... or more particularly for a couple of the aspects of the cartoon.

For those too young to remember Jem, it was the (and I say this now to avoid accidentally stumbling upon the term later on) "Truly Outrageous" story of Jerrica Benton, CEO of Starlight Records, who moonlighted as up and coming rock star Jem (With her little sister and friends making the group "Jem and the Holograms".

At any rate... there's a live action movie out next year (Which based on word of mouth is a little more low key and doesn't even include rival band The Misfits by most accounts), and in advance of that IDW have a new comic, and... it's not quite what I was expecting in terms of style....

and I LOVE that it's not what I was expecting. )
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This is a story-in-a-bottle issue, for the most part. We see some pre-war Megatron, along with finding out who "Terminus" was, that he originally dedicated his missive "Towards Peace" to. That's not what I'm sharing, but you should go read it.

Bluestreak, First Aid, Trailcutter, and Mainframe have set down on a planet, and found a heavily damaged and as yet unidentified bot. There's a brief discourse over whether it's an Autobot or Decepticon, with Trailcutter and First Aid pointing out that it doesn't matter, as the war is over. The damage is heavy, made worse by Bluestreak and Mainframe moving the victim around to try to find his badge or figure out his alt-mode. This reduces the survival time from hours to minutes, prompting First Aid to set up a transfusion of active energon. There's a mild risk, but with the four of them, First Aid assures them the danger is minimal.

Then Bluestreak has a question, after digging through the rubble around them.

What kind of Cybertronian has a removable face? )

QUESTION FOR MODS: Two of the characters in this post have upcoming third-party figures. Is it okay to post images and basic info about them here? Wasn't sure if that would count as "fan art" or something similar.
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Previously on part 5, Starscream almost had everything he ever wanted, Megatron showed up to ruin everything, Bumblebee was refreshingly sensible, Metalhawk was suspicious, Prowl was sad, Wheeljack was dead(ish), and lots of people got hurt.

Megs seriously needs to chill. )
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Previously on "Even genocidal psychopaths have feelings: the series", things were going pretty well for Starscream, until Megatron had the terrible idea to not be dead.

You see, Megatron's idea of "victory" and Starscream's idea of "victory" don't quite match...

Don't you just hate it when your crappy past catches up to you? )
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Last time we saw the tallest assholes, they were about to unleash their evilest plan yet.

I think.

Look, I didn't pay much attention to that particular story. Something about a magic dimension and a Deceptigod. I'm all about TF stories when they involve adventurous journeys, battles, political drama and character moments. But when they start talking about Primus and metaphysics and LOST-like mysteries, my eyes start glazing over.

ANYWAY. At the end of that story: Cybertron is revived, Megatron is MIA, and Starscream and all the other Decepticons are taken prisoners. For all intents and purposes, the War is over, and the Autobots have won.

Also, Neutrals (also known as NAILs, Non-Aligned Indigenous Life-forms) have been coming back in drones. Turns out that not all Cybertronians went Autobots or Decepticons, quite a lot of them chose to wash their hands of the whole conflict and hightail it. And now that they are back, they are blaming both Autobots and Decepticons for all the destruction and tragedy (which... is technically right. The Autobots started it by being assholes, and the Decepticons continued it by being assholes even after defeating the evil Senate).

While this series of posts is called "Megatron & Starscream," this particular post will focus almost exclusively on Starscream, because Megatron is MIA and doesn't show up for a long time while Starscream deals with all the post-War changes.

It's a brand-new world... )
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In my last entry, things got quite challenings for our heroes principal characters.

Megatron has been reduced to a pile of scrap. Starscream has scammed his way to leadership of the Decepticons by using a magic-less magical artifact, and lives in fear that the others will call his shenanigans and turn on him and/or that Megatron will wake up and be very unhappy. The whole merry gang of violent psychopaths is stuck on a rock in space with very little food and no way out.

When you hit rock bottom, you can always start digging! )
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So, IDW has been publishing Transformers comics. They are pretty good!

Two characters in particular drew my attention: big bad Megatron and his treacherous second Starscream. So I've decided to make a bunch of posts about their interactions in the series.

Decepticons, transform and rise up! )
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Alas, alack, this is the last of this four-issue miniseries! But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? Windblade, her writer Mairghread Scott, and her artist Sarah Stone shall be returning in an on-going series and the upcoming crossover "Combiner Wars"!

So we see a really different side of Windblade, one trying to hold her own in the shadowy political world of Cybertron (a world Starscream is the undisputed master of) while still trying to hold onto some sort of moral compass. The question for Windblade in "Combiner Wars" is really: How far can you go in the name of good until you aren't good anymore? When does the end stop justifying the means?

--Mairghread Scott

So I guess I just spoiled that she doesn't die at the end of this series? Oh well. )

Writer: Mairghread Scott
Artist: Sarah Stone
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"My strategy was to backtrack her design into a character. Work from the outside in, as it were. It was pretty clear she had a very important, formal position. But, because I don't like any of my character's lives to be easy, I thought it would be more interesting to make that a major contrast in her. So Windblade became a very hopeful, youthful character trying to fill a role that's a little too big for her. Everything else built from there," she explained.


"I, personally, am working toward the future, and the future I want to see is one where more little kids, and grown men, and teenage girls—where more people like Transformers and get joy from it," Scott said. "It's not the grandest dream, but it's mine."

--Mairghread Scott

I guess Metroplex is a little big for her )

Writer: Mairghread Scott
Artist: Sarah Stone
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The most important thing for me when constructing Windblade was to make her a fully three-dimensional (read: flawed) character, so if I had to pick one word to describe her I would say that Windblade is trying. She's an optimistic, hard-working Transformers character who is genuinely interested in helping others, but she's also been dropped in the aftermath of a millennia (for real) long war that she was not really part of, so while she's a very competent character, she's way behind the curve when it comes to knowing who's who and what's what on Cybertron. This actually makes Transfomers: Windblade a really good starting point for new readers because almost everything on Cybertron is as new to her as it is to someone just entering the brand.

--Mairghread Scott

Below! )
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So we have some new images summarising "Season 2" of the More Than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise titles...

Also includes a couple of new faces... or faceplates... or whatever... )
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As the members of the fandom are gearing up for an Age of Extinction, plenty of the us are also getting ready for Phase Three of the IDW universe! Details are still being dispersed through the usual issue solicitations, but now we're actually getting some preview pages as well, courtesy of Newsarama.

Preface by Sol Fury of the TFW2005 board:
Newsarama has posted our first look at the IDW Transformers universe post-Dark Cybertron with a short preview of Robots in Disguise issue #28, the first of the issues to be released under the "Dawn of the Autobots" banner. The action is returning to Earth, and it brings us back to visit a character we've not seen a lot of since the Transformers left Earth nearly two years ago.

Be warned, there are some spoilers in this preview, although the ending of Dark Cybertron is one thing that you won't spoil for yourself.

SUSAN JOURNEYER heroically strides across the crowded planet in her NURSE'S UNIFORM. There are many other EARTH HUMANS around her. )


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