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From The New York Times

The comic book community is coming together to help the victims of the Orlando shooting. In December, DC Comics and IDW Publishing will publish “Love Is Love,” a 144-page comic book whose proceeds will benefit Equality Florida and its fund for those affected by the June 12 attack at the Pulse nightclub in Florida.

Rafael Albuquerque provides this pinup.

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Arcee followed him.

They fought in the skies of Jupiter, axe to sword.

He mocked the side she stood on, saying that she'd be betrayed.

She mocked his having betrayed everybody, having ended up " .. with no one left..

" .. while an Autobot is never alone. "

Optimus Prime spoke up from behind Galvatron, putting the truth to that.

Next to the leader of the Autobots stood Soundwave, also invested in dealing with Galvatron.

Galvatron rushed at them.

He was a force oncoming. )
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Optimus Prime tasked Arcee to follow him.

" Do not allow him to escape..

" .. whatever the cost. "

She smiled. " You can count on me. "

So she went after him. )
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Joe Hill (of Locke & Key) was set to do a new reboot of 'Tales from the Darkside' for the CW but it wasn't picked up by the network. He's now adapting a few of his scripts in comic form with Gabriel Rodriguez for IDW.

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Her jobs, cab driver and bounty hunter, have her moving among them.

The former helps her in the latter, in keeping on top of things on the prosaically named Satellite.

(The book's called Satellite Falling.)

She does them both the same way; issue #1 opens on her drowning out her fare with her internal monologue.

(Heads up; there's some coital stuff below. One page of, and a couple post, with nothing very explicit in either.)

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IDW published an adaptation of Peter Beagle's novel, The Last Unicorn.

The adaptation is not without flaws: as a result of trying to cram the entire story into just 6 issues, they had to omit a lot of info and there is a lot of quick skipping from one scene to the next. If you are not familiar with the book or the movie, it can get confusing.

For example, the comic doesn't explain that Mommy Fortuna put a fake horn on the unicorn so that people who have lost the ability to recognize her would be able to see her as a unicorn. Readers may wonder why the horn is now red, and figure out the reason on their own, but the comic itself doesn't stop to clarify. That happens a lot throughout the issues, even with important details like characters' motives, so if you want the full story you have to read the novel.

That said, the gorgeous art and moving adaptation of the most powerful scenes make this mini well worth reading :)

The unicorn lived in a lilac wood, and she lived all alone. )
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That's the case for both the Richard Stark novel and the Darwyn Cooke adaptation.

The snow's an absence of color; things like the opening, the criminal Parker's armored car heist, stand out against it.

There's him and his bombing the car, getting the cash, and getting out.

And then there's the getaway driver turning a right so hard he turns them over.

Up and over. )
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He translated them well.

His style fit their tales of the progression of crime and criminals.

The fourth adaptation, of the fourteenth Parker book Slayground, was a great showcase of that.

In it, the titular criminal pulled off an armored car heist that went bad in the escape. He legged it with the money into a nearby amusement park.

Some crooks and crooked cops nearby, in the middle of transacting business, saw him. Then they heard about the thing he'd done nearby on the radio and realized who he had to be and what he was carrying.

Parker, looking for a way out of where he'd come in, found nothing that wasn't locked up.

He saw the criminals gathering outside and knew what they were there for (but not why they were waiting).

So he got things ready for them. )
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His style helped tell the tale with detail and fragility.

That clashed with the simple and solid depictions that'd come before in IDW's universe.

The clash was made obvious at the end of issue #3, when the protagonists met an antagonist.

Galvatron, seeking to raise dormant Cybertronians to fight the thing called D-Void, came to Dykayra.

There, he met a face he wasn't expecting.

" I-it cannot be! "

" Oh, but it is, Galvatron.. "

His familiar foe loomed. )
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The What If? it posed was the victory of Cobra.

That came with the defeat of G.I. Joe, with precise usage of weather dominating technology.

The answer that followed was how Cobra Commander felt.

First, happy; later, bored. )
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It almost pains me that this charming story has to be trimmed down to four pages, but as it's part of the ongoing narrative and it's less than 4 weeks old I feel I have to.

I DO encourage you to get hold of a copy, it really is rather sweet and fun, and I'm having to completely ignore the subplot about Shana's so far absence of anything approaching a love life.

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