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Batman Turning Points was a trade paper back that debuted in 2001. It explored Jim Gordon and Bruce's friendship over the years. It really shows Batman's human side and just why someone like him who is "outside the book" and Jim who is really by the book can be such good friends. I will post issues 2-5 later tonight.

Issue 1 (of 5) takes place very shortly after Batman Year One. It's 22 pages so I will post 7 plus the cover.

EDIT: Scans from all 5 issue were already posted before, so I'll just link them. Thanks for pointing them out Mad!

They are located here:

The start of their friendship begins here )
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As an avid Batman fan, I do think that there are several reasons why the Bat-verse stands so high among readers and is a source for so many great stories, and while the most important reason is up to everyone's own opinion, I think that it is hard to argue that one of the most important reasons isn't the supporting cast, their relationships with each other and the very world they inhabit. They all share a depth and complexity that is unfortunately relatively rare in such abundance in comic books and perhaps even more importantly, they can all be wrong in something. Especially Batman, as he has often been. They are flawed individuals, who just struggle to overcome those flaws and just do the right thing, not always succeeding, and to me makes them so relatable and even more heroic to me.


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