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This is from Dark X-Men  #1, by Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk. The cover is by Simone Bianchi.

Continuing from where the preview left off...

Later, the group talks to one of the civilians who was saying "I'm an X-Man." Dark Beast sprays him with something to make him more truthful, and then the civilian (who was a normal human) starts to manifest mutant powers. Michael Pointer goes crazy because the power is so huge, and Mimic experiences his future where he's happily married to Vera Cantor with a child, until he manifests Cyclops's power and accidentally kills them. 

Date: 2009-11-12 04:00 pm (UTC)
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Wow, I have got to get this. I really like that Mystique is treated with respect, both by the writer and Osborn.
Not entirely sold on the look of Mccoy though...

Heh I kind of imagine Mystique going:
Mystique: "Eh yes son, it's me. You have terribly powerful telekinetic powers too right?"
Nate: "Yes."
Mystique: "Well, someone molecularely bonded a bomb to me. Those goshdarn villains! I was just trying to be a hero, helping innocent children! And puppies and crap! Wanna help me get it out?"
Nate: "You.. you're not my mother. Or Jean. Or Maddie. Or Queen Jean."
Mystique: "Ah... so you figured that out, did you? Then please leave my molecules where they are."
Mccoy: "Mine too! ....Pretty please."


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