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Two pages and a cobbled-together third page from Captain America: Who Won't Wield The Shield?, this week's comedy one-shot, written by Jason Aaron (who is either Ed Brubaker's best friend or his most dire enemy).

So Forbush Man has gone all Wolverine-ish, and heads to...a comic shop signing with Ed Brubaker and Jason Aaron (whose name is mispelled "Erin" on the sign, and who Brubaker mistakes for the coffee boy).  Brubaker demands that Aaron get him coffee, as "you get thirsty winning all those Eisners", but then Forbush Man and Nomad (Jack Monroe version) crash through the roof.  Forbush Man shoots Nomad.

Nomad confronts Brubaker and Aaron.

Aaron says he thinks that Forbush is mischaracterizing their work, and suggests that he read it; Forbush Man shoots him in the face, and rants about how comics are being ruined.  Steve Wacker appears and gives him copies of their newest series, Doctor America and Golden-Aged Deadpool.  After those strips, we return to the comic shop:

Someone tells Forbush Man who he is, and Forbush has a meltdown about how he's been ruined as a character and demands that Stan Lee come and fix him.  Brubaker reappears and shoots him dead ("That's for scuffing my Eisners!"), and then makes a phone call.

And what do you know, Marvel Zombies Forbush Man wakes up.

Buy this issue, it's hilarious.

Date: 2010-04-22 03:02 am (UTC)
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So were the experimental stories. I really liked Doctor America.



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