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In the films, Wedge Antilles is a character with the minor role of being the pilot who survives everything the films throw at him. He is awesome. Alas, other than the adaptations of the films, Marvel Star Wars doesn't use him until this comic. ...Which is a bit odd, and largely not canon now.

Wedge Antilles and Wes Janson, ladies and gents and others.

This is Marvel Star Wars 78: Hoth Stuff.

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Uncanny X-men #544

Newsarama has stunning news about the ramifications of Schism.

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Annihilators: Earthfall Announced

Cosmic Book News put up the following promo image announcing a new Annihilators book this September - "Annihilators: Earthfall."

Looks like the Annihilators might be facing The Avengers! "Marvel Cosmic Comes Home"

They also state Abnett and Lanning will be the writers.

Check out the image below the cut:

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Xavier the Lover

It has come to mine attention that Charles Francis Xavier (Professor X) really has a big heart considering the amount of lovers he has collected over the years and that "X-Men : First Class" was a success (I went to see it last Sunday and I enjoyed the experience). Today, because of the facts already mentioned, I will provide you with a post regarding some of Xavier's lovers (I will not include Lilandra because that would take several posts).

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DCnU Beetle

From CBR

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now as a total and complete side note. with the hubbub revolving around this reLaunch, i have decided to start blogging again. i've pretty much decided to cave and get a tumblr account. problem is trying to find a URL that is both comic book and all around geek friendly, things i;ve come up with are FanBoyWatchtower, Gotham Watchtower (a friend of mine suggested NorthStar'sRoommate, though ummm i'm not exactly... out like that sooo that one might not work... also I think it would label the blog too much)

so yeah i am open to suggestions please....
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Secret Six is dead, alas.

Gail Simone has confirmed it.


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Why there were no black people in the future...according to DC

Hope scans_daily has some outrage left! This is the first part of my two part series on Tyroc

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What the hell have they done to Harley and Deadshot?!!

Newsarama has the cover to SUICIDE SQUAD #1, featuring Harley Quinn, Deadshot and King Shark.

Plus Jaime. Already posted one post previous.

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UPDATE: This was Gail Simone's reaction on Twitter:

"Huh. I didn't know there was going to be SUICIDE SQUAD book with King Shark and Deadshot. That would have been nice to know, guys."
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Blackruzsa wanted to see some WItchblade/Tomb Raider crossover comic, so here IS some WItchblade/Tomb Raider crossover comic.

It's not that good, but it exists.

I'm gonna go ahead and say that if you're not feeling much like looking at ladies drawn.. well drawn by Michael Turner, OK? Every breast a shining almost-sphere, every leg a stilt, every lip a glossy marshmallow. Everything straining and presented. If you don't feel like that, click past this post, yeah?

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Additional infos on the new Teen Titans series

From what I read at s_d I'm not the only who was left worried after that Teen Titans #1 announcement DC made yesterday.
However, artist Brett Booth answered some questions at his blog and gave out a (little) bit more information on the new title, which might help calming down a bit and clear a few things about the characters.

You can read everything in the comments at Brett's blog, but the quintessence is behind the cut.

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Where's Barry and other don't-call-it-a-reboot musings

With only 1(or 4, if you don't trust the leaked Superman covers) book left to be announced, I have some thoughts about the relaunch I thought to share and get some feedback on

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Au Revoir, Señor Bane

Even though we are going to lose the neat Comic Book known as "Secret Six", amigos, I think we should focus on the good things that we saw on it. Today I am proud to give you one excellent moment from the great Bane.

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