Nov. 11th, 2012

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Today is Remembrance Sunday, traditionally the day to honour those in the military who have fallen in wars throughout the world, and throughout the years.

And I recently came into ownership of a fascinating collection, "The Dandy - 1937 to 2012" a collection from 75 years worth of a single British comic (For those in the UK, it's available from WH Smith and I thoroughly recommend it).

The Dandy is about to cease publication and move to an entirely online platform, which makes me a sad icon_UK, but such is life.

I'll be posting more from it in the weeks ahead, but for now a couple of these seem apt for the day, since as part of that 75 year span was, of course, World War II.

I've added the trigger warning for racism, since the depiction of Germans within may be considered to be tasteless.

Some wartime stereotypes under the cut )

And how it was looked back from the 1960's )
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A particularly lovely, NSFW comic about a Victorian robot, his creator, lover, and various other characters.

No dialogue whatsoever! And yet the composition's to die for, the art is lovely... it's a very unique, masterful technique of graphic storytelling.

But also it is about sex so be cautious where you read it!

This particular post is safe for work, though :)

I'm drawing some pages from the newer story arc, which is no longer so much about Chester 5000 (the robot/android/machine) as it is about lovers and inventors.

A sweet, sad, sexy love story all around. )
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More of this. Chester 5000 XYV by Jess Fink, "Isabelle and George", a flashback arc.

We last left Isabelle depressed from a meeting with her old caretaker.

): )


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