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Okay, so maybe 'tomorrow' was a bit of a fumble, but here's more Angel and The Ape!

Before Grodd can strike, Angel draws her gun and gets off a shot that grazes him. She herself is hit by his 'mind force' though, and falls unconscious. Bunny leads the attack!

"You? ALONE? Get out of here. I'm Supergorilla Grodd. I've battled the Justice League! Back when that MEANT something!"

But Athena's not alone! She's got the INFERIOR FIVE (they're ALWAYS polite!) at her back!

Yeah... that'll go well.

Angel regains some measure of consciousness inside some green limbo, speaking to an entity shaped roughly like a GL Power Battery. The next few pages I wasn't able to fit within the posting limits, but its' a really interesting visual dynamic. Angel and the entity speak inside panels set into the central 3/4 or 4/5 of the page, while Grodd's (hilarious) fight with the Five is visible around the edges, with some elements obviously blocked from view. If anyone is interested in posting these, let me know over AIM. (GoggleBoy83)

Angel states that she feels like she's "in a library" before noticing the entity. The entity shows Angel Gorilla City, Grodd and Sam's origin, revealing Grodd's family and Sam as a baby. Despite Grodd being known to be evil, it wasn't held against wee little Sam, until his powers manifested. Sam's power is clarified to be a simple form of telepathy, in which he can convince people of what he wants them to think.

"They determined Sam was harmless... but were concerned that that was what he WANTED them to think." Angel observes that Sam must have grown up in an atmosphere of suspicion unheard of in Gorilla City, and then sees the day he left the city, ultimately meeting her and her father. Sam growing up with the O'Days allowed him to learn how to interact with humans (Sort of), and ultimately between that and his power, gain employment, get a tailor, rent an apartment, and so on. The images begin to shift to the current location, as Grodd finishes off the Five and makes off with Sam. Angel awakens, and Athena rears up to hug her, to which a panic-stricken Angel tells her not to. A sobering moment sets in where Athena remembers she can't do that. :(

Angel now 'remembers' the location of Grodd's hideout, and heads back to Sam's apartment to enlist the aid of the other gorillas, and thus Gorilla City's resources. She and the Five prepare to head out, and while Athena's teammates deal with a traffic accident caused by Awkwardman, the sisters chat. Angel tells her sister that she spoke to Sam about Athena wanting to date, and assures her that Sam doesn't think she's sick. It's a mildly heartwarming moment.

Meanwhile, Sam awakens inside Grodd's hideout, finding his grandfather hunched over a terminal. Sam leaps into action!

And promptly gets left layed out on the floor. Helluva uppercut his gramps has got.

"Ready to listen?"
"Yes, grandfather..."
"Good. Now I have a question for you."

Grodd states that humans increase their population wildly, while giving nothing back to the biosphere, insisting they will never allow gorillas to co-exist. He meant to cull them back to about one quarter of current levels, feeling then that the gorillas could deal with them on an equal basis. Sam protests that it's an inhuman plan, to which Grodd counters that HE is inhuman.

"I am a GORILLA! If it comes down to us or them, I will not go quietly into extinction! You are one of us, Sam, REMEMBER that! Can you deny the logic of anything I've said?"

Sam is forced to admit that he can't, but then Grodd reassures him that he no longer needs to kill them off, stating that with Sam's help, there is a better way. He reveals that during one of his experiments, he ended up capturing an energy force. A cohesive plasma, invisible, odorless, intangible, but almost limitless in energy. Only visible in certain wavelengths of green light, Grodd has named it "THE GREEN GLOB!" This appears to be the same sort of energy limbo Angel entered into before. He proclaims it will do "Anything I want!"

Outside, Angel and the Five begin infiltrating, as Grodd expands the details of his plan to Sam. The Glob has reality altering properties, and Grodd has been harnessing it to cause the incidents of humans turning into gorillas. However, the changes are not permanent, as the Glob possesses some form of intelligence. Grodd needs Sam's power to 'convince' the Glob to make the changes permanent. He describes this ias not destroying humanity, but saving the planet FROM humans, and even saving humanity in the bargain.

"Save them?"
"From themselves! Didn't you HEAR me? The Glob can do ANYTHING! Humanity can be culled SELECTIVELY... the insane, the useless, the weak, the stupid, the evil, the war-mongers, the despoilers of the Earth-- all gone with a THOUGHT!" *finger-snap* "Tell me what's wrong with THAT, eh?"

Athena rampages, accusing Angel of laughing at her while she was pretending to help her, when all she wanted was someone to hold. Angel and Sam try to tell her she's wrong, to which she swats Sam aside, and is about to attack Angel when Merryman puts hismelf between them. He tells her that she'll always regret it if she proceeds.

Just then, Grodd recovers and states that while he's tempted to let Sam reap what he has sown, he is still his flesh and blood, and he needs him. The Glob flares up as Grodd uses his mental influence.

How many grandfathers have that kind of reasoning?

I promise to have the final issue up quicker than this one! >_<

Next time, folks! :D

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