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Here's one page from a 7 page XXXENOPHILE Halloween story. It is a "take" on an old Celtic legend. With sex.

Lover's grasp )
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It's still "Villains Being Awesome" month! I can still get this in!

This is something of a repost of a Scans-Daily v1 post. I come to talk to you folk today about Der Rock the Destroyer, from Phil Foglio's graphic novel Buck Godot: PSmith.

'Who? What?' you ask? Find out below! )

14 1/3 pages from a 70-page graphic novel under the cut (mostly near the end, so spoilers are probably involved for those who care), plus 2 pages from a 36-page story.

As the watermarks at the bottom of the pages would indicate, the Foglios have put up all of their Godot works on their website (well, there is a short story involving nudity that wasn't put up). You can read PSmith here, or start at the very beginning here.
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Back in 1994, Magic: The Gathering was new and shiny and the biggest obsession of geeks nationwide. The industry followed the leader, and a bunch of similar collectible card games (some pretty good) came out. Clearly it was time for a magazine dedicated to the phenomenon.

This issue has rules errata, frequently asked questions, deck building advice...but most importantly from this community's perspective, a comic!

Phil and Dixie are back! )

Your thoughts, comments, favorite collectible card game story?"
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Hey, folks! Photobucket is cooperating with me again, so here's some more stuff for you to goggle at. Check it out:

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This is a repost of a piece I posted back in 2008, when I discovered that Robert Asprin had died.

14 scans below the cut, and the scan quality isn't too awesome as I'm dealing with black and white images from a comic on poor paperstock nearly a quarter of a century ago.

Klahds and Imps and Pervects, Oh My! )
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Today I bring you one of DC's rarely considered gems from the early 90's.

A dramatic tale of romance! Science fiction! Crime-fighting!

One of them is a detective. The other one is a cartoonist. Together... THEY FIGHT CRIME!

Oh, did I mention that one of them is a gorilla? Cuz that's kind of important.

Yes, it's Angel & The Ape, by Phil Foglio. Originally a pure humor comic by E. Nelson Bridwell and Bob Oksner, the series was given a reboot by DC to bring it into their standard continuity, and our beloved creator of Girl Genius (then just a distant twinkle of gears and gals in his eye), was tapped for the job. (:

8 more pages (out of 24) below the cut. The cover totally lies about what this series is like.

The only other talking ape as cool as Ken Hale. )

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Sadly, we're into the home stretch on this charming little series, but it ends on something of a high note, as a six year old goes to hell.

Hell had better watch out! )

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Following on from Part 1, may I present the continuing adventures of Stanley and his Monster, as envisioned by Phil Foglio in 1993.

Yes, this is the one with the scruffy blond dissolute urban magician, oh, and a Foglio created sexy demoness.

Mercifully for us all the weasels do NOT get explained )
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Following on from [personal profile] sweettart1823 's postings from Kevin Smith's Green Arrow series, I thought it prudent to present the earlier attempt to update the concept of "Stanley and his Monster" for the DCU

"Stanley and His Monster" started as a back up feature in "Fox and the Crow" in 1966, it was... and let's be polite here, never exactly rib-busting stuff (as noted in this revamp, this was a time when "Leave it to Beaver" and "I Love Lucy" were as racy as society got), but the notion of a lonely, overimaginative six-year-old boy who couldn't have a pet due to being allergic to ALL of them, and finding a friendly, and hypoallergenic, monster living in the nearby sewers was a nifty one. He DID ask his parents if he could bring a 9 foot tall red hairy monster to live in the house as a pet, and they agreed, assuming he wasn't being serious, a dangerous thing to do in the DCU.

Partly (and openly) inspired by Calvin and Hobbes, this revamp was written and drawn by Phil Foglio (who probably needs little introduction on this forum), and dates back to 1993. 1993 was not a good era for the notion of "cute" or "fun" comics, as this cover gently pokes fun at..

If you're averse to cute fun, you might want to avoid this )
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How he deals with the most contrary and determined patient to ever exist, one Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, ruler of Europa. There's a reason why this man is the ironclad head of the best hospital on an entire continent full of mad scientists, and this is it. Six pages from two volumes (yes, I'm cheating on length again).

You are a terrible patient! )
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This is my very first post here, so please be gentle with me. I made an image using the characters from Girl Genius.

For greater legality, three pages from Mystic Funnies No. 2:

Despite all byte crunching, the images are still 335 KB in toto.
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Happy Positive Comics Week! Today, I thought I'd share some scans from the brilliant Stanley and his Monster four-issue-miniseries from 1994, written and drawn by our old friend Phil Foglio.

Stanley and his Monster was originally a comic from the mid-1960s, not totally unlike a very early Calvin and Hobbes (though whether Bill Watterson ever read the comic or if the similarities are just a coincidence, I have no idea), in which an over-imaginative young boy -- the titular Stanley -- meets and befriends a big, shaggy (and pink!) monster. He keeps the monster as a "secret pet," and they get into all sorts of weird and wacky misadventures.

Foglio's revamp sets the story in the DC/Vertigo universe, and the monster is now revealed to be a demon who was kicked out of Hell for being too nice. Hey, it could happen.

Kids, monsters, demons, John Constantine-lookalikes and the Phantom Stranger under the cut )
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Girl Genius' eighth book, Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones, won a Hugo Award in the brand shiny new category of "Best Graphic Story". Huzzah! So, to celebrate, 18 of my favorite pages out of the approx. 126 pages of main story that'll be in that volume.

Since it is the eighth book, there are spoilers of course, and apologies to the dialuppers.



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