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In 1998 two things happened in the Star Wars universe: Natalie Portman was cast to play the mother of Luke and Leia, and Darkhorse was at work adapting Timothy Zahn's Thrawn books. In issue 5 of "The Last Command," the opportunity arose for Padmé to make her first official appearance.

Here is that one page, penciled by Edvin Biukovic, inked by Eric Shanower, and coloured by
Pamela Rambo

Do you remember your mother? Your real mother? )
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So it's Twelfth Night (depending on how you reckon it), and that gives me an excuse to take a look at something that IDW was a bit tardy in releasing.

It was quite a while back that they announced they'd be putting out a new printing of L Frank Baum's Life and Adventures of Santa Claus with illustrations by Eisner Award Winning (and a friend of mine from the Oz fandom) artist Eric Shanower. The release date kept slipping farther and father back, and it overshot the most recognized date of Christmas to come out in comic shops yesterday (and it'll overshoot Orthodox Christmas for the bookstores).

But the book was well worth the wait; it's gorgeous. And while not a comic I think it's not totally off topic to put a few photographs here for you to look at.

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But the other half thinks it's gorgeous!

We've seen some odd sequels over the past few years, perhaps most notably someone else writing "Peanuts" comics, but even that pales next to the chutzpah it takes to relaunch the classic, groundbreaking, 114 year old. "Little Nemo in Slumberland"

But darn me if this isn't a lovely looking take on it )
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FABLES #101 is guest-penciled by Eric Shanower, he of many Oz books. That's rather appropriate, as the issue stars Bufkin, Fabletown's (ex-)winged monkey.

He's slayed Baba Yaga and imprisoned a djinn. What's next for our brave little monkey?

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She wasn't created for comics. She goes back decades before comic books were invented. But, she's been in so many, since, so...


Illustration by John R. Neill, who illustrated all of Baum's Oz books except for the first one.

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Marvel's adaptation of Marvelous Land of Oz is on its third issue (adaptation by Eric Shanower, art by Skottie Young), and the second antagonist has been introduced - General Jinjur...

Remember, the original was written in 1904... )

4 pages of 23 (if I count right). I'd have included the cover, but I don't know if that'd count toward the 4 allowable pages.Apparently it's OK, so I've added it. Look under the cut!

Suggested tags: Creator: Eric Shanower, Creator: Skottie Young, Title: The Marvelous Land of Oz.
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Holiday posts continue with one of my favorites and yours, Diana of Themyscira!
there was also a golden age story she was in, but i don't have it. should really track down that Christmas TPB one of these days (think my LCS might even have it!)

Stories from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2 and DCU Holiday Bash #3 )

Tomorrow: They say suicides are never higher than during the holiday season. See how Lois and Clark do their part to keep those percentages down!
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ETA: I just realized part of this has already been posted.
You can read it here, where people already answered many questions that came up. I didn't think there was a chance someone had posted it already...that'll teach me to assume.

So I was reading some posts about Batman and Catwoman here, which reminded me how much I like Selina. Then I found [insanejournal.com profile] espanolbot 's posts on Ed Brubaker's Catwoman, which reminded me how awesome they were. Anyway, I don't have more Catwoman, but I do have this short bit from The Comics Journal #263 that I think everyone will appreciate.

Holly in the bath and Selina changing outfits! )
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So...I had no idea Neil Gaiman wrote a Green Lantern story. Apparently the tale has a pretty interesting history ('How do you lose a Neil Gaiman script?'- Mark Waid). It's a pretty decent story, with a lot of talented artists attached (plus cameos by Deadman, The Phantom Stranger* and Selina Kyle).

*Due to certain constraints the Phantom Stranger may not appear as advertised. Or at all
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Age of Bronze is a comic series by Eric Shanower depicting the Trojan War, and I just love it and wanted to share. I had to read the Iliad and the Odyssey in school, and though I got the gist, it is somehow a lot different when you have an image to associate with the characters - especially when it's art this good-looking!

The archaeological background was heavily researched and it really shows - these aren't your usual toga-clad players, but rather very plausible Bronze-Age Myceneans and Trojans. The stories of the characters themselves - past and present, and enough relatives to make the Summers family tree look pedestrian - are interwoven to present a unified story despite the varied origins of the original myths.


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