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Holiday posts continue with one of my favorites and yours, Diana of Themyscira!
there was also a golden age story she was in, but i don't have it. should really track down that Christmas TPB one of these days (think my LCS might even have it!)

Stories from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2 and DCU Holiday Bash #3 )

Tomorrow: They say suicides are never higher than during the holiday season. See how Lois and Clark do their part to keep those percentages down!
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After Byrne, Wondy passed into the hands of Eric Luke. For the most part Luke's run was mediocre and unremarkable, a result of him overusing his big new villain and seeming a bit more interested in the trappings of the character than Diana herself - this is the Wonderdome era, where her invisible plane becomes her floating sky castle and ends up as significant to many of her victories as her own abilities are. But one thing he did do right was the truly awesome GodWar arc, in which (intermittently) spectacular art, fascinating mythology, and the only canon romance for Diana that has actually *worked* combined into one of my favorite Wondy stories ever.

High page count on this one, guys. You have been warned. )

Next time: Diana takes on the Justice League, does battle with a dragon, and looks really, really pretty.


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