Jun. 8th, 2009

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Greetings True Believers! I wanted to do another Captain America post for this week's event. These scans are from the mini-series "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" Issues 2 and 3. The mini is about the beginning of the Avengers, so naturally a huge sub-plot is the return of Captain America. These are "Rip Van Winkle" scans. It's about Cap in the new world, what he missed and how he feels. I've chosen what I think are the best ones. Enjoy!

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I dun know why, but those last 2 panels totally sum up the series for me

so what better thing to do in middle of crazy-early AM hours than share with the interwebz!

just 2 pages, from Y:The Last Man )
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The first Trickster was a different sort of villain. For one thing, he wasn't very villainous. After the death of Barry Allen in Crisis on Infinite Earths, he went on to find a home in the pages of Blue Devil, annoying the heck out of Dan Cassidy. After that book's cancellation, he continued to pop up here and there, annoying the heck out of Catwoman, Impulse, Neron and anyone else he ran into as he traipsed through life on his airwalker shoes. But as the world of DC got darker and bleaker, the less the Trickster fit in. DC's writers just didn't know what to do with such a happy fun guy in a universe that had lost its sense of humour. They replaced him with a sociopathic kid who was more to their liking. They turned him into an FBI agent who was more evil than he had ever been as a villain. Then finally, as they do with every character they don't know what to do with, they killed him off.

From Secret Origins, here is Trickster annoying the heck out of Booster Gold. This is the Trickster in a nutshell: His origin, his method and his motivation, all on one page (technically it's two pages but only the one is needed.)

Rest in peace, Trickster. You were the best.
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While I've commented several times, this is my first official post in the new journal. I apologize if the tags aren't correct. I tried.

I've always loved this piece from the 3rd issue of the Beast Boy mini-series. To me, it defines what DC was trying to do with Beast Boy at the time... show that he's not the little kid of the team anymore who doesn't need "big brother Nightwing" to bail him out.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, TPTB decided to regress Gar to his 80's personality and have totally screwed him over for the last 2 years or so.

BTW, more of my Beast Boy scans (and the original artwork, which I acquired from the inker Chris Ivy) are at www.garfieldlogan.com
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This is my perfect Desire moment, Gaiman perfectly shows just how self-obsessed s/he is, and how much a creature of the moment, and the words utterly haunt me. I really wanted to use it in my dissertation, but unfortunatly I couldn't find a way to work it in, this makes up for it.
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As soon as I saw that a One Perfect Moment week had been launched, I knew that I had to post this page.

Daniel Thomas Rand-K'ai has (obviously) had a plethora of One Perfect Moments over the years. This should be evident just by reading, oh, any panel with him in it. That's putting aside his extraordinarily cracky backstory with paradise pocket dimensions, mystic warrior poets, aliens, snatching the molten heart of Shou-Lao the undying in order to gain the title of Iron Fist, and all the other things that make him such a perfect distillation of everything that was and can be so good about the House of Ideas.

Thus it's exceedingly hard to pick just One Perfect Moment for obvious reasons; be it a frenzied duomachy or Danny taking on the teeming hordes of HYDRA or Danny flinging himself at a ginormous dragon and felling it with one punch*, it's so difficult to pick.

But there exists an exquisite page from Danny's early days that distills the essence of what it is to be Iron Fist. I read this issue when I was a small girl, and this page is what made me fall in love with Iron Fist as a character, because it blew my mind.

And this page? Is EPIC in both art and writing.

Yes. That is, in fact, Danny Rand delivering a curb stomp in one page to a dude fully powered up in a suit of Iron Man armour with naught but his bare hands.

And that, my friends, is why Danny Rand is the baddest motherfucker in the world.

...Not to mention that that page proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Danny has the finest posterior of any male in the Marvelverse.

Edit: Wait. I have to add one more page, because no One Perfect Moment post featuring Iron Fist is complete without showing Danny wrecking three people's faces with just one kick.

I'm pretty certain that this page was the direct inspiration for Matt Fraction and David Aja's Danny-and-Orson-vs.-HYDRA sequence in Immortal Iron Fist #5.

We just might need to have a Rudy Nebres week here on S_D. His work was both seminal and gorgeous.

* Oh, yes. You'd best believe that I'll also be posting those pages.
** The same issue has the distinction of also containing the very first appearance of Jack of Hearts. Who does Jack fight in his very first canonical appearance? The White Tiger. No, I am not making this up.
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Here is  something for . If you remember back a few years ago, you remember the let down of the Shadow the Hedgehog game was. It was suppose to give Shadow's origins, but failed to do so and gave repetitive endings that lead to nowhere. But thankful, Archie Comics gave Shadow a bad-@$$ story in "Sonic the Hedgehog #171" called "I Am." Written by Ian Flynn and art by Tracy Yardley. This defines Shadow to what he is.

I hope I get this right, working the edits of InsaneJournal is.. insane.
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Thinking about the Golem legend a few days ago made me remember a similar theme in fantasy and horror stories. This is one the rare new additions to the pantheon of vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc... the pile of undead muck and vegetable debris (usually surrounding a corpse or skeleton). The Swamp Thing, Man-Thing, the Heap, Solomon Grundy.. they all derived from a short story by Ted Sturgeon, "It." From the August 1940 issue of UNKNOWN this is thirty pages of pure nightmare. Theodore Sturgeon was only twenty-two when he came up with this vision. Already, his earliest stories showed the flair for word choice and intense visual images that would make his work memorable. I first happened upon "It" when I was about eleven or so, and it darn near electrocuted me. Reading it again all these decades later, I find the story is still genuinely frightening and unnerving. SPOILERS AHEAD, Just so you know.

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Here's my first post and contribution to "Perfect Moment Week" From Sensational She-Hulk #59. Long before Slott gave us superhuman law, Lem Kamanski, Scott Benson, and Pat Olliffe gave us this gem.

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Greetings True Believers! This Perfect Moment was mentioned in a previous Cyclops post. It deserves to be put up! These scans are from Astonishing X-Men #8. A damaged Sentinel is attacking the X-Mansion and Cyclops is pissed. Off. Check it out. Optic Blast!

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Woo first post at the InsaneJournal S_D. Anyway, this is one of my favourite Bat/Cat moments and I'm pretty sure it hasn't been posted yet.

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I fiest thought to use the Storm part in the beginning for a perfect moment for storm gig ( she was always getting Nek'id back in the day ) But flipping through it I had forgotten how spooky and twisted this issue was. Very offbeat for this x-men period.

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.... Because I'm reasonably sure that Artemis doesn't have one. She's an erratic sort of character even on her best days. But this little exchange is pretty close, I think.

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There's a little Story behind this issue and as it's my first post I thought I'd wax nostalgic.

I was like seven or eight years old and for Halloween, we learned some guy (which was probably a teenager who "outgrew" his collection. Everyone seems old at that age.) was giving out comics instead of candy. After a lot of whining to our mothers, three of my friends and I got to go to the house. I remember one got a Spider-Man comic with the Scorpion trying to kill JJJ, but I can't remember what other two kids got. Hell, I don't even remember their names. The issue I received though, blew my little single digit mind away and forever cemented Steve Rogers as my favourite super hero of all time...or until 1988-9 when I received JLI #7 and Ted Kord quickly tied him.

There is actually one other Captain America moment that ties with this in my mind, but it's from a What If...?(#44, 1984) that I long ago lost as a little kid. It's the original "What if Steve Rogers Was Not Revived Until Today?," not the two-parter from the 1990's. As that's an imaginary story, I chose to go with this instead. I'll leave the speech Steve gives at the end of that one for someone else.
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Well, the Captain Britain and MI:13 bit that ran as part of Secret Invasion is proving pretty damn popular for One Perfect Moments, and here I come with another one. Spoilery as hell, from issue #4

One page and two separate panels. )
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This scene really defines Spider-man as a character and is one of the best most memorable comic stories of all time.
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The set-up: Superman notices that, every year on March 14th, Luthor turns up in public, usually doing something nonsensical: Driving a motorboat off the shore of New Jersey, hanging out in a European patent office, sneaking into the library at Princeton University. Finally, as he's getting ready to haul Luthor back to jail for the umpteenth time, he puts the pieces together...
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From Sandman #64 comes this two page sample of a "Week in the life being" of Morpheus, the Oneiromancer, the Prince of Stories, also known as the Sandman...

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I confess I haven't followed the Big Blue Guy all that closely over the years. But I picked up the recent Action Comics arc that followed up on the JLA's Lightning Saga stuff, because I so dig the 80's-era Legion (see 04nbod's Brainiac vs. Computo!Danielle post below), and it has what I consider a perfectly Superman moment.

But it takes a little explaining. With a slight nudge from a Time Trapper-planted fake archaeological relic that seems to prove Superman was really a human and the whole Last Son thing alien propaganda, Superman's legacy in the 31st century has been usurped by Earth Firsters who have turned Earth into an oppressive, xenophobic dystopia in his name. They've also somehow turned the sun red, which has hampered Kal's ability to operate throughout the arc - up until the page before these, when the sun suddenly goes yellow again thanks to the Legion's efforts elsewhere. That gives us this nice little moment as an aside to a pitched battle with Head Xenophobe Earth-Man. Two pages, not my scans.

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Having dug up a copy of this forgotten little gem from Bruce Jones and the brilliant Brent Anderson, I found myself struck by a few...interesting similarities with a later work.
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By request: Superman #417, "Warrior of Mars", by Elliot S! Maggin and Curt Swan.

So, what would have happened if Baby Kal-El's rocket had landed on Mars, instead of Earth? Let's find out!


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