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These are from the Pulse. Jess is pregnant throughout the 14-issue series and gives birth to Danielle at the end.

The series is a great concept: J. Jonah Jameson wants to gain more readers, and in order to do so launches a new weekly series written by Ben Ulrich. Jess is hired as a consultant/go-between. She takes the job because she and Luke need the health benefits/insurance money. Luke's not entirely pleased about having their superhero lives splashed in the pages of the Bugle. He says he's not famous and nobody knows him. Jess chides him by saying that everyone knows him and loves him. This becomes a running joke throughout the series with people on the street walking up to Luke and telling him what fans they are.

There are some great scenes in this, and the last issue is fantastic and tells the story of how Jess and Luke met.

Here are some of my favourite scenes. First up... Carol, Sue and Jess talk superhero mommy-ing.

From the Pulse #11

During the delivery... Dr. Strange offers to put on some soothing music, Jess declines the offer (lol so would I, girl, so would I...) Luke requests Public Enemy =D
From the Pulse #13:

And from the Pulse #14: How Luke and Jess met. This whole issue is Jess talking to Dani, who she actually hasn't even named yet. Luke has already proposed to her, and she was blown away by his proposal.

Jess had attempted to superhero one more time under the moniker Knightress. She was taking down a mob boss named Owl when Heroes for Hire - Luke and Danny - show up at the scene. She gets cut in the back by Owl. They end up taking down the mob boss, but he had actually brought his kids with him to the crime scene.

Jess puts the kids to bed, and Luke comes over with food. He dresses her wound and asks her why she did what she did. She tells him she just thought it was right. She says she didn't even really want to be a superhero, anyways.

And we see how Dani can make her mommy do anything =D


Re: This artist is SO lazy

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It works for the stories most of the time in Alias, but yeah, the artist is kind of lazy in places.

SOoooooo many copy and pasted panels...


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