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The French artist Fred, creator of the greatest comic book series ever, Philémon, passed away last week. I posted his work several times before, and the sad news of his death prompts me to post again in tribute to his vision, humour and extraordinary skill:

a picture

We start with a circular panel layout that starts on the upper left side and ends on the upper right side:

a picture

J.H. Williams III improved this in Promethea, but it's still pretty good.

And then we have Fred's usual brand of weirdness, like our heroes trapped in a world of hand puppets:

a picture

With its own architecture and cars:

a picture

The drivers have to make the sound of the cars running.

Also, underneath the hand puppets you have - real, giant hands!

a picture
a picture
a picture

I don't know about you, but I find this creepy as hell!

This is actually a boring album from the series, relatively speaking, there's a lot weirder stuff in the other albums. I encourage you to look around my previous posts for mind-blowing visual sequences. Fred is a terrific artist.
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