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Wotcher, folks! Hope your holidays went well!

Anyway, Green Lanterns presents a confrontationally admissive, but thankfully uncondemning story about mothers, sons, and the often-complicated emotional dynamics between them. Check it!

The Story: something I wish I could post more of, because I like how accurately introverted Jessica is (internal freakouts over social situations, usage of inappropriate humor (i.e., is Darkseid a ramen guy?), etc.).

Anyway, Baz, usually the rock of the two, asks Jessica (who's been visiting for Halloween) to help him out:

"...did you say better than cookies?"

In the middle of baking, Baz keeps screwing up the recipe, and freaks out. He flies away, with Jessica giving chase.

Jess: What's wrong with your Mom?

Baz: Nothing. And by nothing I mean...she's demanding as hell. It was like a refrain growing up...

Jess and Baz finally pull off the maamoul (did I write that correctly?), and watch the sunset before Simon's mom arrives:

The hour of judgment arrives. Look at...look at Simon's fucking face.

Amazing. It's like he shit himself the same time he outed himself.

What I love is how the relationship between Simon and his mom just is, without resorting to a) comic-y plots to explain the negative emotions or b) the unintentional undersweeping of an already-established happy family.

It would've been easy to villainize Simon's mom to use as an excuse to hate her, or go anvilicious by having Jessica chew out Simon for being a whiner, but the story goes out of its way to highlight the positive emotions Simon feels towards his mother, while also acknowledging the negative ones. It's all about character work, and a fine example of choosing portrayal over plot.

Anyway, there! Finally posted this one. Next post is from Hal Jordan, which is currently arguably better than Green Lanterns. No offense. Stay tuned!

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