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Well, as we see in his Hellblazer Special, "The Story of You-Know-Who," he wasn't too bright before his suicide attempt either. Among other things, he ignored his best friend Pube's sister's warning that Pube's "intensity" could easily "be mistaken for maturity." This (together with, to be fair, the non-stop abuse from his father) led to his agreeing with Pube (the instigator of all their misadventures; Arseface was never particularly assertive either) that emulating Cobain's suicide together was a good idea.

No, what changed Arseface's personality is right there in said special. When Catherine, having lost her brother, comes to see Arseface in the hospital, she asks him why they did it. His written answer, "Nobody cared," shows he's still at that point a brooding, despairing sort.

But when she unexpectedly shouts at him that he didn't think about the pain he'd cause others, and thus he "didn't fucking care either," that visibly snaps him out of it. (The next three panels zoom in on his one unbandaged eye widening and him saying "Uh?" in surprise.) The very next page, which skips ahead six months, has the doctor telling his mom that he's "responding very positively" and "seems determined to make the best of it."


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