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And each sees something different. Or do they? The silly profundity of KRAZY KAT, or maybe the profound silliness. This example is from February 23, 1941. As a kid reading books about the history of comics, I was baffled by the occasional samples of this darn Kat. It looked so crude and simple, it was just "off" in some way. What was supposed to be so great about it? But one day, a bit of perception clicked into place and I suddenly appreciated Harriman's genius.

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Getting a little more obscure than usual, here are a few shots of the cast of KRAZY KAT, a "Jazz Pantomime" that ran in New York a few times beginning in January 1920. Adolph Bolm played our dear Kat, quite an addition to anyone's resume.

And now a priceless look at the real thing, George Harriman's page for September 29th, 1935. This has got to be one of the most bald-faced visual puns I have ever seen.


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